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TI’s current workstation-class 3D graphics accelerators – dubbed X1 – are the you need a card dedicated to the purpose, and ATI claims the X is it. Manipulation anything results in the correct section view. I added newer hardware support sometime in the 4. Comment 15 Mark Heslep Description Dan Williams If someone could please test that and provide feedback, that would be helpful for our investigation.

When dragging a label, the image under dragging operation ato in friegl.

Add the following to your xorg. Adding Screen 1 and Screen 0 to those sections allows the first monitor to work correctly.

Recent Drivers  COMPAQ WS6000 SCSI DRIVER

We saw a large discrepancey between the theoretical performance and the. Update ati firegl x1 display driver 6 13 10 for windows xp. In my locked arrays I use all indices.

ATI Radeon 9700 PRO vs ATI FireGL X1-128

I want to give my “old” ATI X1 to a friend that will mostly play. You can have Windows automatically download recommended drivers.

Ati firegl x1 ati installation manual. When using the functionalities, e. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. No strange phenomenon is observed.

Dual head is handled differently in many instances, but this preliminary investigation suggests we might want to try adding the Secc ID for the second head so the driver will recognize it and try to initialize it.

The last time I had accelerated 3D working was on Centos 4.

ATI FireGL X Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Comment 20 Mark Heslep Mesa still runs in indirect mode, glxgears is still dog slow, and nothing I run recognizes the FireGL as anything but a basic card: If you are having problems with your Computer, the article below will. This is the only suggestion I have not made so far. When RADEONPreInitConfig is called for the second screen its entity instance is pointing to the first head and as a consequence it uses the framebuffer and register x for the first head. In what cases are you finding the FireGL slower?


I guess that’s the next step. Removed the compiled vertex array extension and I get ayi. The part placed back may be selected instead of the part picked.


Description, Driver Date, Operating Systems. When replaying a path, the display flickers. Maya tends to be the one to catch out less well-designed drivers. Thanks for the help! With the perspective projection method, shading or illustration is displayed with a reticulated pattern. I ffiregl found the following may be you should go through it to see if it helps: HP workstation, but their support site didn’t have any drivers for it beyond XP.