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Online game packets are usually less than bytes small. Joined Sep 6, Messages 19, 5. Joined May 13, Messages 4, 1. The reality is that bandwidth limitations outside the computer, and thus control of the Killer Network Manager, are almost always responsible for the bottlenecks in online gaming. There are some poopy Intel controllers.

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Killer Drivers Installation – 64bit

I didn’t know that Svet, now I do. Will KillerNIC perform better than the competition in such scenario?

Download the file above and extract it to a temporary location. Joined Oct 6, Messages 46, 9. Thread starter MartinNixon Start date May 8, The Intel NIC came out on top. WalterHughes New Member May 8, As such you can download newer, unmodified drivers from Atheros directly, just google for: MartinNixon May 8, But balancing between asymmetric networking interfaces is notoriously difficult, often causing more problems than it solves, and testing the Killer network manager revealed this remains the case.

Suppose I am playing an online game while torrenting in the background. With a single exception, no tests or combination of settings made any difference, even when two or more separate local servers were accessed for copy liller, a best-case scenario configuration that bypasses some bandwidth limits.


Please login or register. If the Intel NIC has that now, its a toss up. If you’re buying a premium motherboard expressly for the “gaming” networking features, you’d be better off spending that money elsewhere.

Proprietary vs 3rd party. Joined Nov 13, Messages 14, 3. I tried looking up for a solution but can’t find any.

Killer Drivers Installation – 64bit

Another issue is the mixture of Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet. Even the mightiest 8-core Intel desktop systems have to deal with an inherent limitation of the Windows task management structure. EarthDog May 8, I have not seen anyone testing under such scenario, perhaps I have not read all reviews.

You can add my voice to the chorus that recommends using it from first install.

Killer Wireless-N and E Ethernet controller launch, aim to squash your ping times

I take it you didn’t try those first? You must log in or register to reply here. Online game packets are usually less than bytes small. And what then makes Intel better? Please check out our forum guidelines for vigfoot related to our community.


My suggestion is try other cables, even if killrr higher and better cables, its best to test different things, sometimes the cards simply dont like certain setups. You can do that, sure. Heh, I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously.

Oh hey, I finally am using that CFM fan. I used the latets drivers from both, Qualcomm koller and MSI, doesn’t make any difference.

And, here is one quote from the review: There are some poopy Intel controllers.