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Take a look at that review here. A separate professional version, with a feature-set tailored for computer aided design, was sold as the Quadro DCC. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. On the CD there are online manuals, 3D tweaker which allows you to overclock the card, 3Deep which allows you to set up colour and monitor preferences, Also included are some Nvidia demos. Depending on the test, you can usually adjust the clocks a bit higher.

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Remember that when testing, all performance sapping features are enabled giving the card the most possible work to do. Lets take a look at the official specification before moving on to performance. This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat Performance We’ll take a look at performance in gforce ways, a bit differently from usual.

The drivers used were DetonatorXP Enables self-shadowing for characters and objects, and softens the edges of shadows for realistic effects, adding depth to scenes and highlighting spatial relationships between objects.

This means that resolution is imminently playable and is a valid gaming resolution.

GeForce 3 series – Wikipedia

It’s nice to see explicit support for NT4 here since many manufacturers dont geofrce NT4 to a be a good gaming operating system and this is ostensibly a gamers card, however a large range of games work perfectly well, the majority being OpenGL based for which NT4 has always been a solid platform.

Firstly, the test system. And once you get under that crusty old ATI veneer of lousy drivers and purposely vague public statements, the Radeon looks like a darned good graphics processor.

Recent Drivers  2516513 WEBCAM DRIVER DOWNLOAD

The card also stands out with it’s red colouring and decent bundle. We’ll also try something different and not take a look at them in turn but give you graphs with the 3 results and clocks for each benchmark we use and discuss all 3 results at once. Next up, Unreal Tournament. A 3D textured object with a scoop taken out of the corner. Hopefully that lets us compress things a bit more while still giving you all the information you need.

TFT panels continue to increase in popularity and decrease in price and their adoption becomes more widespread. Before we go any further with the card itself, if you’d like a refresher on the Ti GPU or GeForce3 cards in general, Chris did an excellent job with the review of the Hercules Ti and covered all the bases with regards to GPU features, technical information and overview of the GPU and it’s iterations.

Vertex and Pixel Shaders are two patented architectural advancements that allow for a multitude of effects. The clocks used were able to loop Aquamark without any problems are were perfectly stable.

NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 graphics card – GF3 Ti 500 – 64 MB

Another new feature of the GeForce3 Titanium series, shadow buffers create fi500 shadow effects in real time. The Hercules comes with the usual Hercules driver CD which starts up with a nice menu system. Graphics Previous page Next page. A combination of core and memory clock increases are the key to high 3DMark scores.

The wizard then copies them to t500 correct location and the device is initialised. However, you don’t really go wrong with either card provided you can afford it. Views Read Edit View history. GeForce 2 4 MX.


It will bring you up to speed on the new approach to real-time graphics that NVIDIA gfforce with the GeForce3, including fancy-pants things like vertex shaders and pixel shaders. Increasing the core clock of the card has little effect since the card GPU is fast enough to process the information, it just needs to be given the information quicker due to higher memory bandwidth.

Steam names the best-selling games of By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. GeForce3 Operating Frequency’s Speed is one of the key differences between the different Nvidia products, faster core and memory frequencies mean more expense and the need for better yields on the chipsets.

NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If it weren’t for the Radeonthe GeForce3 would have no real rivals. Here we see a rough increase of about 4 frames per second across all resolutions from our initial increase geforrce memory clock to the Ti speeds. This is composed of several mechanisms that reduce overdraw, conserve memory bandwidth by compressing the z-buffer depth buffer and better manage interaction with the DRAM.