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Sorry if I sound like a moany old git, I’m just disappointed. It is highly recommended to disable the automatic Windows Update option, because otherwise you risk, that you get nForce drivers installed, which are broken or worse than those you had previously installed yourself. I hope they can fix this bug soon, because a network problem simply stops people from trying out Ubuntu and the problem seems to apply in Kubutu as well because they can’t access support online easily if the network is down. Regards, –Zooko http: Now that I think about it, I used to have a weird bug when I was running Vista that would show up rarely. A successful manual update of an kcp55 running nForce RAID driver is not as easy as with other drivers.

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You should then be able to test via a LiveCD.

My advice mvp55 to submit this issue as a new bug. Nvidia no longer does chipsets and will no longer update their chipset drivers. Web News Encyclopedia Images.

Joe Smith yasumoto7 wrote on I have this consistently. The work ’round for for tribe 5 worked also, if i packge correctly. Step 2, configure the system to do this automatically from now on when it starts otherwise you’ll need to do the above steps every time you boot.



It would be great if someone could supply a dmesg log for the non-working case. Now that I think about it, I used to have a weird bug when I was running Vista that would show up rarely. It takes a few hours to trigger, typically, but when it does it locks up my linksys router presumably the Linux workstation is sending packets at such a rate that it overloads the linksys, I dunno, but if I unplug pacjage ethernet cable then the linksys router comes back to life at the same moment as locking up the workstation itself.

I agree with the above poster; regular users will not spend this amount of time trying to fix something they take for granted. Without blowing smoke, I couldn’t tell you if Intrepid will fix this issue.

But if your card is not in MSI mode, this would be a different issue and probably needs more investigation. The kernels on both Fedora 9 and 10 install disks do not work with it.

Thanks a lot lad for posting and attikon for compiling this all together. But thats not happening only. There’s no need to disable MSI for the whole kernel, one can fix this applying appropriate flags to a forcedeth module see comment I don’t think there’s any difference between them – eth0 works like a charm: And, eagerly, patiently, checking the forums with a hope that, atleast one day or other the problem, might get fixed.


DownloadNvidia mcp55 chipset driver for galaxy. This was a problem for me in Ubuntu 8. Hello, I have attached you 3 screenshot from MediaShield Utility.

Seems there is code to try to enable msi or mxp55 later. How to benefit from the digital signature of the modded drivers: Driver update via Windows Update: If you are using Breezyyou need to rebuild the initrd.

The ‘interrupt number’ you’re referring to is that ‘eth0’ interrupts?

nForce Driver Version 15.51 for MCP55

I changed ports, and it’s better now,: Comment on this change optional. Thank you for the info! Henri Cook henricook wrote on I’m not sure how to install a new kernel on Ubuntu, so I’m afraid I cannot provide you with more information in that regard.

I’m getting this bug on Ubuntu Hardy Alpha5. The built in drivers are not good: