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This is simply colored line art. Our first task was to scan a 30 year old negative in ScanMaker Pro which knew about the film holder. With its stable performance, the image quality will remain consistent even after used for a certain period of time. Supported Operating Systems Supported Features. And who happens to have a lot of things to scan, too — film, slides, prints.

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Of course, the lamp intensity is not uniform from edge to edge and all CCD elements are not identical, particularly in regards to noise. Any of these scans would make an exceptional print. Email — Opens the scanned image in your email editor.

Microtek ScanMaker i Plus – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

February Microtek http: Film scanners can scan film negatives. And we’re happy to see a variety of EZ-Lock film holders, too although we hope the 35mm filmstrip holder is not as troublesome as ours.

The Configuration Utility Selected screens There are some interesting tradeoffs among these options plsu you are scanning negatives. In midrotek sense, the limitations we’ve noted are actually features. Read more about SilverFast Our early unit didn’t have the full set of software but the support site does make it easy to catch up.

To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser! Fortunately, Microtek answers that quibble with the Pro version.

ScanMaker i800 Plus

Microtek is pleased to introduce yet another innovative scanning solution to its product family with the ScanMaker i Plus LED Pro which is bundled with SilverFast Ai combines a very intuitive user interface with sophisticated and professional scanner and image controls.


Each of the film holders has a calibration strip at the front end of the holder where the scanning starts, that is. Is a flatbed scanner? No need to warm up Adopting LEDs as the light source, when the ScanMaker i Plus is detected by the system, there are no requirements for any warm-up time before carrying out the scan, which boots your productivity and reduces energy costs amazingly.

The film holders then slip into the frame vacated by the mat. All it takes is one touch of a button — and you can launch the scanner button’s corresponding function.

The i Shadowed by the i behind it So the i brings the price of some heavy duty scanning features within range of those of us who don’t scan images for a living. The film holders that ship with the i precisely align 35mm filmstrips, film and 4×5 film on the flatbed where software can find each frame during batch scanning. Power is supplied by an AC adapter brick.

Bit depth means the number of bits per pixel, so the higher the bit depth, the greater number of colors the system can scan. But it’s an image with a lot of sentimental value to us. And because the i has a transparent media adapter the scanner lid with a moving rather than fixed light source to provide even, consistent illuminationyou have to unlock that as well with the small slide switch near the hinge.


All scannable material sits on and faces a glass plate under which the CCD array tracks along the length of the scanner to make the image. Unfortunately, VueScan yet another third party application, but one that is not hardware specific did not recognize the i The highest resolution the scanner can put out without using software to make it bigger.

To get an 8×10, you microtem to be able to scan dpi. Given a Dmin of around 0. To scan, you first have to remove the black mat that usually provides a background to reflective scanning. We rather think the Pro version should have all the features of the Standard version, but that’s not how it works.

Using the film holders is simple enough, but spend a minute with the manual to see how to align the images facing the glass and lock them into the various holders. We’re less impressed with front panel buttons than we might be, we suppose. Quite frankly, I don’t even know why Microtek wastes it time with Scanwizard Pro when SilverFast is the gold standard. The 35mm Adapter’s Calibration Strip Note the cutout at the right side of the black adapter.