The 3G3MV is a miniature frequency inverter incorperating an open loop vector control Furthermore, the 3G3MV suppresses the revolution fluctuation caused. OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures by a qualified .. 3G3MV-P10CDT Operation Manual (this manual) and the CPM1/. A maximum of four errors can be displayed. U Software No. OMRON use only. U Output power. W. Monitors the output power of the Inverter (see note.

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There may be resonance between the characteristic frequency of the mechanical system and the carrier frequency. Outside set range Verify fault 1: Design Chapter 2 H Harmonics D Definition Harmonics consist of electric power produced from AC power and alternating at fre- quencies that are integral multiples of the frequency of the AC power.

Chapter 5 Basic Operation Setting the Frequency Reference Selecting the Frequency Reference The following description provides information on how to 3g3m the frequency reference in the Inverter.

Single– phase motors are either capacitor start motors or split–phase start motors the method for determining rotation direction at startup is different. Increase the integral I time in n within a range causing no vibration.

Mount the new Fan on the fan cover. Page Communications Chapter 7 Step Step number. Communications Chapter 7 Communications Error Codes The Inverter will detect a communications error if normal communications fail or a message data error occurs. Communications Chapter 7 Register No. Note The figures in parentheses indicate capacities for motors used outside Japan.

Page 17 Note The figures in parentheses indicate capacities for motors used outside Japan.

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We appreciate your interest in using our InstraView website! Select and set one out of two frequency references in n Local or remote selection is possible only when the Inverter is not in operation.


Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Deceleration The Inverter decelerates normally and is not in energy-saving control.

Page Chapter 5 Basic Operation Setting Frequency References by Pulse Train Input By setting n for frequency reference selection to 5 for 33gmv the pulse train reference control terminal, frequency references can be executed by pulse train input through the PR terminal. The following description provides information on these modes and how to 3g3mg them. This example selects Variable and Read R and sets the operand.

Installation Precautions, Wiring Precautions Transportation Precautions Caution Do not hold by front cover or panelinstead, hold by the radiation fin heat sink while transporting the product. The Inverter either omorn or coasts to a omrob according to the stop- ping mode selection.

Omronn and Connection Connect to the power supply and peripheral devices. You can zoom in close to see the labels with the serial number or zoom out to see the overall condition of the equipment.

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There are parameters that make setting unit changes when the values are increased with the Digital Operator. Overtorque 3gmv Function Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Overtorque Detection Function When an excessive load is applied to the equipment, the Inverter detects the overtorque condition through an increase in the output current.

Communications Chapter 7 Note 3. Communications Chapter 7 Note 2. Design Chapter 2 Wiring Control Circuit Terminals A control signal line must be 50 m maximum and separated from power lines. Advanced Operation Chapter 6 Slip Compensation Function The slip compensation function calculates the motor torque according to the output current, and sets gain to compensate for output frequency.


Make sure that these protective covers are on the product before use. Communications Chapter 7 Parameter Description Next process Determines which step is to be processed next or finishes the operation after the step is finished normally.

Preparing for Operation and Monitoring Chapter 3 Display Name Probable cause Remedy Copy error An attempt was made to Check that the Inverters are copy or verify the parameter the same in voltage and set values while the control mode. Page Page Page – Precise vector control settings and adju Error Framing error 1: At this time, make sure that the wind direction omrpn the Fan will be in the direction of the heat radiation fin.

This disconnection or faulty wiring. Communications Chapter 7 Register Number Allocations in Detail The following description ommron information on register numbers allo- cated to the Inverter and the meanings of the registers.

Parameters from n to n can be displayed only. Troubleshooting, Parameters Fail Set, Motor Fails To Operate Maintenance Operations Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Due to parameter setting errors, faulty wiring, and so on, the Inverter and motor may not operate as expected when the system is started up.

Controller,motor,speed,1.1kW,3 phase,415Vac

Advanced Operation Chapter 6 PID Control Detected values of the Inverter in proportional, integral, and derivative PID control are fed back so that the values will omrom with preset target values.

Set the parameters related to the sequence in the table.

Design Chapter 2 Parameter settings can be used to select various functions for multi-function inputs 1 Note 1.