1. 1 Q.1) Draw & Explain the Pin-Diagram of Microprocessor in Detail? Ans: The Microprocessor is an 8-Bit general-purpose. is a 40 pin IC, The signals from the pins can be grouped as follows Power supply and clock signals,Address bus,Data bus Pin Diagram and Pin description of It is used to know the type of current operation of the microprocessor. Microprocessor – All concepts, programming, interfacing and applications explained.

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Pin Diagram of Microprocessor and its description is as follows: Pin-wise description of is as follows.

Microprocessor Pin Diagram Explained

A crystal or RC, LC network is dxplanation to these two pins. The frequency is internally divided by two; therefore to operate a system at 3 MHz, the crystal should have frequency of 6 Mhz.


This is an active high output signal used to indicate that the microprocessor is reset.

This signal is used to reset other devices in system. This is an active high, serial output port pin, used to transfer diiagram 1 bit data under software control. This is an active high, serial input port pin, used to accept serial 1 bit data under software control.

This is a non-maskable interrupt and has highest priority. Pin are vectored interrupt that transfer the program control to specific memory location.

Pin Diagram and Pin description of 8085 Microprocessor

They have higher priority than the INTR interrupt. This is used to acknowledge interrupt. AD 0 -AD 7.

These pins are multiplexed to be used expanation address bus as well as data bus. They are used as lower order address bus as well as data bus. It is ground reference. These 8 signal lines are unidirectional and used for most significant bits called higher order address bus of a bit address.


This is a Write control signal active low. This is a Read control signal active low.

When it is high. This signal is primarily used to synchronize slower peripherals with the microprocessor.

Pin Diagram and Pin description of Microprocessor

When the reset pin is activated by an external key all the internal operations are suspended and the program counter is cleared and the program execution begins at zero memory address. This signal can be used as the system clock for other devices. This pin is used for hold acknowledgement.

When HOLD pin is activated by an external signal the microprocessor relinquishes control of buses and allows the external pheripheral to use them.