A lively and liveable Singapore: strategies for sustainable growth. Inter- Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development, OUR VISION IS TO MAKE. A Lively and Liveable Singapore. Strategies for Sustainable Growth. Corporate author: Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development; Date: A Lively and Liveable Singapore: Strategies for Sustainable Growth. Front Cover. Singapore. Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development. Ministry.

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Please speak up for our shores.

As a responsible member of the international community, Singapore would want to play our part in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. We would also wish to sustain economic growth and maintain our quality of life. By being more efficient in the way we use resources, Singapore would be contributing towards reducing carbon emissions while positioning ourselves well for a more carbon-constrained world that may emerge if ongoing negotiations on climate ,ively result in a post global agreement.

Sustainable development for Singapore means being able to support future snigapore and population growth while maintaining a quality living environment that is clean, green and healthy.


A Lively and Liveable Singapore: Strategies for sustainable growth

The vision for Singapore is to be a lively and liveable global city — a city that is distinctive in its ability to offer a unique combination of economic opportunity, vibrant lifestyle and quality environment, for a cosmopolitan population, providing a good home for current and future generations of Singaporeans. It would also be a city that continues to be attractive to the foreign talent and investments which help us to grow the economy and high-value jobs.

To achieve this lkvely and address the domestic and international challenges which are emerging, the IMCSD will focus its efforts on three priority areas: Resource management Pollution control Quality of the physical environment.

Concurrently, further efforts will be made on two supporting fronts — encouraging people and industries to adopt practices that are sustainable in the long term and developing new capabilities and technologies which optimise resources and improve singaore performance. We should make our existing buildings more energy and resource efficient, eingapore they form the bulk of our built environment.

To further distinguish Singapore as a City in a Garden, new areas such as skyrise greenery, and measures to better document and protect existing biodiversity are being studied too. Efforts to encourage greater use of public transport contribute to sustainable development since public transport not only minimises land requirements but is more energy efficient than other transport modes.


wildfilms: Feedback requested for a Sustainable Singapore

Give your Feedback What else can the Government do to ensure Singapore continues to be a lively and liveable city? What can ordinary Singaporeans do to support a sustainable Singapore?

Links to media reports on the wildsingapore news blog Wanted: Jul 29, Feedback requested for a Sustainable Singapore. Newer Post Older Post Home.

A Lively and Liveable Singapore. Strategies for Sustainable Growth

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