ALCOHOL CONTENT DETERMINATION – authorSTREAM Presentation. density, if you have density of your initial product you can estmate and also build a curve using etanol to the mix and know the final density later. If you know the. Two methods are adopted for the estimation of this. In one Traditionally, determination of alcohol in galenicals is carried out by distillation method followed by.

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As examples of preferred compositions, the following may be listed.

Distill whole of the aqueous solution containing brine solution. The plates were graded to indicate the extent of organism growth in the imprint. Thus, when they are applied to skin, alcohol concentration and contact time with bacteria and other microorganisms are minimized due to evaporative loss. Calculate the specific gravity and note the percentage of alcohol from the table given in B.

US5288486A – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

More preferably, the viscosifiers produce viscosities of about 50 to about cps in the final compositions. Mix and distill it. These shortcomings are overcome by the instantly claimed method and compositions.

Prevent bumping during distillation by adding porous chips of insoluble material such as small pieces of broken glass, glass beads, porous chips or silicon carbide.

Determine peak response galenivals.

Add sufficient amount of distilled water to the distillate to make volume 25ml. These alcohol compositions are very drying to the skin, evaporate quickly, and are easily spilled due to their watery nature.

The present invention employs a viscosifying agent to retard alcohol evaporation, thereby allowing more efficient use of alcohols as skin disinfectants or antiseptics.

WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Year of eestimation payment: Alcohol-based alcohhol disinfectants, because of their high vapor pressure, evaporate quickly.


Film-forming compositions of antihyperalgesic opiates and method of treating hyperalgesic conditions therewith. Chromatographic condition Carrier gas Helium or nitrogen Column packing Silica particles coated with polyethylene glycol Detector Flame Ionization Detector Column temperature Temperature of the column is maintained at o C Injection port temperature Temperature of the injection port o C.

The alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent should be added to an alcohol composition at a dosage of from about 0. Foamable alcohol compositions comprising alcohol galenicqls a silicone surfactant, systems and methods of use.

While any water-soluble alcohol can, in theory, be used, the preferred alcohols for use in the alcohol-based compositions of this invention are selected from the group consisting of n-propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.


Povidone iodine PVP-I alcohol gel antimicrobial pre-operative skin preparation. Ratings of 0 to 10 were given to denote coverage; i. The instrument contains a column of 2mm by 4mm packed with polyethylene glycol.

You do not have the estumation to view this presentation. The injection part is equipped with a solid filter and is maintained at C. An inert gas such as gallium is used as carrier at a flow rate of about 60ml per minute. These examples demonstrate evaporation retardation and the improved antibacterial activity of the instant invention.

Preferably, the viscosifying agent should be added at a dosage of from about 0. Special treatments Volatile acids and bases: The improved alcohol-based antiseptics thus obtained are also claimed.

High alcohol content foaming compositions comprising an anionic phosphate fluorosurfactant. Collect distillate 2ml less than original volume of the test liquid 48mladjust the temperature at which the original test liquid was measuredadd water to make 50ml and mix.

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USA – Alcohol-based antimicrobial compositions – Google Patents

From the chromatogram obtained, we can calculate the percentage of alcohol as by using the following formula: A measured volume of test solution was lacohol near the center of galenjcals thicknesses of Treat the liquids that froth to a troublesome extent during distillation by ; 1- Rendering them strongly acidic with H 3 PO 4H 2 SO 4tannic acid 2- Treating with a slight excess of calcium chloride solution or with a small amount of paraffin or silicon oil before starting the distillation.

If a zone of inhibition surrounding the plug developed, the skin contained residual antibiotics and was not used. This is a continuation of application Ser. This is the general method used for the determination of alcohol, unless specified in the individual monograph. High alcohol content gel-like and foaming compositions comprising an anionic phosphate fluorosurfactant. In most of the galenical preparations, alcohol is used.

Add sufficient amount of distilled water to make the volume 50ml. Volatile acids and bases Render the preparations containing volatile bases slightly acidic with dilute sulphuric acid before distillation If volatile acids are present, render the preparation slightly alkaline with sodium hydroxide test solution Acidifying the bases or alkalinizing the acids causes them to be converted to ionized form and form salts.

Preparation of Pig Skin: The instant invention is directed to a process for enhancing the efficacy of alcohol-based falenicals antiseptics comprising adding at least one alcohol-soluble viscosifying agent to an alcohol-based disinfectant, thereby lowering its alcohol evaporation rate and markedly increasing the exposure time that disinfecting concentrations of alcohol are present on skin.