For example: the name 30x 30x is more than a name, it’s an approach to breaking down a big Copyright © – Amy Hoy. I’ve been on the edge about whether to register for Amy Hoy’s 30x course (I’m from India so it’s a LOT of money). As a developer, I’ve heard. This is a testament to the 30x approach: it forces product Sales Safari is what Amy Hoy—the method’s inventor—calls “net ethnography.”.

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These were the words that compelled me, as a would-be graduate of the 30x bootcamp a class that teaches people how to create and sell their first productsto become a student. It was a moment that would change my life. Less than six months after graduating from the course, I created two products from scratch that made more money with fewer customers than the venture-backed startup I was a part of for almost five years.

This is a testament to the 30x approach: It creates an endless cycle of throwing ideas against the wall with the hopes of finding something that works. Hoy puts it like this:.

Is 30×500 Academy right for me?

Their programs have produced some incredible statistics since starting in only Students who have 30×00 created a product in their lives have gone on to make tens of thousands of dollars for themselves in the first few months after following the 30x framework. Other product rookies were generating five figures in recurring revenue after only a few months. One of their core teachings is this: The core tenet hiy the ready-fire-aim approach found in the Lean Startup framework is believing that one can find customers— and the right product to build—by asking what they want.

Your ability to get your ego out of the way and to ask exactly the right questions at hoh right time from the right people. Your potential customers being rational or aware enough to identify their own habits, wax eloquently about what bothers them, and express what would make them happy.

Hillman likens this belief to the dichotomy between observing lions in the zoo and how they behave in the wild:. Imagine going to see the lions on display in am zoo.


Now imagine seeing the same species of lion in the wild on an African safari. But they behave differently in the wild than they do in captivity.

Going on a Sales Safari is the process of uncovering product ideas hiding in plain sight. It places the work of coming up with these ideas on your potential customers, and lays a foundation for repeatable success. Because this observation enlightens us about two really important things: You look at what they actually do in real life on the internet.

What they share with each other. The problems they discuss. What things they ask help for. How they help others. Online research affords tons of conveniences like search engines, copy and paste, and more. Doing offline research is much harder to complete—and much harder to obtain without it being tainted by your presence.

Online observation, though, is out 330×500 for you to read and parse at your leisure. This is professional lurking if you want to look hpy it that way. You literally have access to the entire internet to find people in a particular audience. Anthropologist Margaret Mead has finished writing her book, Coming of Age in Samoaa study of the lives of teenage girls there: The quick-and-dirty of the Mead story is that she lived with the villagers, asked about their lives, and listened to their stories—many of which were later revealed to have 30z500 made up by her teenage subjects.

She took these stories at face value instead of observing their behavior. And creating products that find customers depends on finding their pain. Pain and problems—revealed by observation and empathy. By using modern online tools, Sales Safari can help you to start recognizing the patterns among your audience. Otherwise, they would have fixed it by now. How does it help you to create products that will be used by more than just a few people? What forums, mailing lists, and link-sharing sites do they frequent?

What are they writing in customer support emails or product reviews?

How do 30x and How To Make Your First Dollar compare? – Quora

Close reading, when used to understand an audienceuncovers a series of data points that amh begin to form patterns. Then also the things they talk about, they recommend. The things that they buy.

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Doing this can be overwhelming at first. It certainly was for me when I started studying designers as an audience. But what I found through Sales Safari led me to create both this book and two successful products. And, to be honest, this is hard work. Hours will tick by. Pages upon pages of the internet will be scoured. How does your audience see the world?

What do they dwell on? How do they speak?

What products do they use? Sounds like you have an any source of product ideas upon which to build. Reflect that back to them in a very empathetic, understanding way. And then offer them assistance. And, applied over time, Sales Safari will help you track how your audience gradually changes.

New pains are uncovered. Scott Hurff is a product designer and author. He started his first company while in college, and became the youngest entrepreneur-in-residence at Kodiak Venture Partners in Boston. Scott has led product design for products used by millions of users in a variety of areas, including video sharing, entertainment, and consumer mobile apps.

Scott teaches designers how to bring their designs to life and writes about what makes products great at scotthurff.

Hoy puts it like this: But this is an inherently flawed notion, because doing so relies upon: Hillman likens this belief to the dichotomy between observing lions in the zoo and how they behave in the wild: Find product ideas with sales safari Going on a Hoj Safari is the process of uncovering product ideas hiding in plain sight.

How to create products people want

Access You can reach almost any unique community that exists on Earth without leaving your chair. Speed Online research affords tons of conveniences like search engines, copy and paste, and more. Scott Hurff Scott Hurff is a product designer and author.