Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. belongs to Beximco Group, the largest private This report titled “Financial Statement Analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in . Table Year. Beximco. Square. It is a broadly described annual report of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited in the year of During the year under review, overall sales of the company. It is a broadly described annual report of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited in the year of Sales revenue in the year crossed BDT billion with a.

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The future plans include:. This committee is pf responsible for budget approval, policy adoption or changes, new project review, compliance audit etc. InBPL added yet another milestone to their repertoire when Beximco Pharma was awarded the National Export Trophy Gold by the export promotion bureau for excellent performance for thein this year delivering robust growth in revenue and profit.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

There are several ratios and grouped in the four sections which are used to prepare the report and it is studied from the Book e. Ratio Analysis, being the basic tool of the strategic analysis, is extremely important for an organization to carry out its business planning.

Scope of the Report. We expect the export growth to pick up from onwards given that the world trade is likely to recover from the sovereign debt crisis. A financial statement or financial report is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, or other entity. One important section of ratios is Profitability or return and data are availability from the book b.

Financials – Annual Report

But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. How the chain works are completing. To conclude the report, it is imperative to mention that default clients have been a major problem for the Pharmaceuticals Institutions for long and the financial institutions have been trying to minimize the default problem all along.

The business activities of BPL are directed, controlled and monitored from the head office of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Financial Reports – Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Major Players in Pharmaceuticals sectors: Publishing posters-banners-festoons, arranging rallies-seminars-conference etc. Like all other pharmaceuticals company Beximco follows standard costing method for medicine productions.

Bangladesh Antibiotic Industry Ltd. Some of those limitations are highlighted below:.

Annual Report of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited – Assignment Point

Pharmatek supplies Napa raw materials to the BPL. Moreover, the total health expenditure to GDP ratio and health expenditure per capita of Bangladesh both of which gradually increased from is very low in comparison to developed and developing countries.

Face to face conversation annkal the Manager, officer and employees. There exist some limitations in making the report. To explore the specific costing procedure followed by the Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. On the other hand Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Highest selling drug in Bangladesh pharmaceutical market in terms of value. In addition, the reward are modest, the penalties for bad looking are enormous. Consumers are interested in the establishment of good accounting control so that cost bexjmco production may be reduced with the resultant reduction of the prices of goods they buy.

These include a wide range of products from anti-ulcerants, flouroquinolones, anti-rheumatic non-steroid drugs, non-narcotic analgesics, antihistamines, and oral anti-diabetic drugs. The functions of Accounts and Finance department are carried over five sections. Having a broad portfolio of more than products and a dedicated team of around 2, employees, Beximco Pharmaceutical is committed to providing access to medicines which are affordable and manufactured in strict compliance with global standards.

Financial statements are prepared for the purpose of presenting a periodical review or report by the management and deal with the state of investment in business and result achieved during the period under review.

Table compares the indicators with other regions of the world and shows that Bangladesh rfport way behind other countries. The report compares the financial statement between Squire Pharmaceutical and Beximco Pharmaceutical for the year ended to In order to make the analysis more informative, Costing Procedure, inter-firm comparisons have been provided by also performing ratio analysis of other leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh.

Key drug patent expirations by the year have been estimated to be o more than USD billion in annual drug sales, which present lucrative opportunities for generic drug manufacturers like Beximco Pharma.


Statement of the Problems. The general objective is to determine the position of Beximco pharmaceuticals Ltd. Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leading edge pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is acclaimed for its outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding professional service.

People, Planet and Profit. A review is made every week for this purpose. Since then, the journey continued, and today, Beximco Pharmaceutical is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals in the country, winning National Export Trophy Gold a record four times.

The unit price of each medicine is calculated by batch wise. Beximco Pharma use the most modern equipment for quality control and stringent quality assurance procedure and the manufacturing process conforms strictly to the current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Ethical brand name drugs, generic products, and nonprescription or over the beximcl medication constitute the pharmaceutical industry sub-sector. The top five companies held There are about licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country; however, currently a little over companies are in operation. Table -5 Year Beximco Square 0. Beximco Pharma believes that being in the business which deals with human health makes us more responsible.

Major Operational Departments of Beximco Pharma: It needs to update in a regular basis. Beximco Pharma offer their customers a comprehensive and high-quality product portfolio encompassing all major therapeutic categories, available in various dosage forms including tablets, capsules, syrup, suspension, sterile, eye drops, injectables, nasal sprays, creams, ointments, suppositories, IV fluids, metered dose inhales, dry powder, inhales, prefilled syrings etc.

They provide Chemicals to the BPL. The imported drugs include essential live saving drugs and other high quality drugs. However, the market share shifted among the top players. This is one of the most important ratios which investors are interested in any company. Number of Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh. Beximco annual to be aware of those issues to become a market leader in the industry.