Asguaard. type and absolutely need to get those Steam achievements, pay the extra few bones and get the official walkthrough (or find another online). Aldorlea Games releases Ella’s Hope. Aldorlea Games ( .. This game is the latest release from the company who have brought you. This full game walkthrough for Asguaard is currently in progress. If you would like to help us write this walkthrough, please post in here.

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Welcome to the Asguaard walkthrough on Gamezebo. Asguaard is role-playing game created by Aldorlea Games for PC. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to complete Asguaard.

All maps in this walkthrough were provided by Asguaxrd, Drakov walkthrokgh Dee, and are used with permission. Glen, a human like you and me, wakes up in a new and unknown world. Surprisingly for him but perhaps not so much for us he soon finds out that he is chosen to save this world from pending doom.

There are no sidequests to distract you from your goal. This will give you a summary of where you are and where you need to go. You can navigate the maps either with your mouse or with the arrow keys on your keyboard. With the mouse — just click on them! The menus are also pretty standard and easy to use. You can access the menu by clicking your right mouse button or hitting the Esc key.

Similarly, you can leave the menu again with these actions. The menu is divided into the usual items, skill, equip, status, save and end game options.

On the right hand side you see your party, their health points HP and mana points MPtheir current level and progress toward asguqard next level, and any additional status they may have. The items menu contains all the items you currently have in your pack.

This includes all your armor. Go to this menu when your characters have been injured or are ill to find healing waalkthrough curing items. Select an item from the list and then select the character you want to use it on. The skills menu shows you all the skills a character currently has, and how many MP each skill requires to use.

As with the items menu, the skills listed in white can be used right now, the ones in gray can either be used in battle or indicate skills that are automatic.

The equip menu shows all the equipment a character is wearing top rightthe equipment you own that these can be replaced with bottom rightand the status change that the new equipment will give to that walkkthrough left. Select the equip menu and then the character of your choice. In the example above, Glen currently has the Infinity Sword equipped. However, the lava sword comes with a bonus that, next to standard blade attack, it also has water and fire attack.

In addition, the Lava Sword gives some HP regeneration each turn. The status menu is pretty self explanatory.


It shows everything there is to know about a character: Inside dungeons there are green save fairies where you can save your game. You get 15 save slots. If you end the game you can either select to go to the main menu, so you can restart, or simply quit the game altogether. Note, however, that you will not be asked to save your game! So you need to remember to do this before exiting. An important aspect to this game is the character skills.

You can buy all kinds of skills at many locations in the game. Most skills can be bought from characters in villages and cities, though there are a few scattered throughout the dungeons and hidden locations.

There are three levels for each skill: Not every character can learn every skill, and not every character can learn all levels of a skill. A full list of asguaaard and where to buy them is provided at the end of the document.

Most skills improve your battle strategies, but there are a few that impact general walkhrough. I recommend getting as many skills if you can. I will highlight a few of the skills that I think you should get as soon as you can:. There are many dungeons that are made up of many maps. It can be hard to find your way around!

With the Path Finding skill for Grom you will get little green arrows on your map that will direct you to where you need to go. Each level will provide directions for new maps. Arrows are only provided on the maps for the main route; side maps have no arrows. Higher levels of the skill will give you information about higher level enemies, and will also give you more detailed information. Botany, which can be taught to Grom and Rayanne, allows you to extract potions and powders from plants, which you can use to cure ailments or make you stronger etc.

In order to extract the materials you need asguward have empty bottles with you. Bottles only cost 1g each, so try and carry as many of them with you as you can! Items you can get with telekinesis are indicated with little blue arrows. Higher levels of telekinesis allow you to get to items that are further away. The Learning skill, which everyone can get, allows you to get more experience from a fight.

This will help you level up faster. As with most Aldorlea games, there are many secret rooms scattered throughout this game. They are divided into Hidden Locations 99 and Magical Rooms These are essentially the same, but Hidden Locations are on world maps while Magical Rooms are in dungeons. The secret rooms asguaatd contain all kinds of useful goodies, ranging from simple potions to essential skills.

I will only mention the rooms with essential skills or items in this walkthrough, but a full list will be provided at the end. Always check any objects lying around inside the locations, as well as the plants, as they often hide more goodies. You wake up and have no idea where you are.

Go asguward the door. In the next room is a bench where you can rest to heal up.


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There is also aasguaard wooden branch on the floor. Pick it up — it will automatically be equipped as a weapon note, however, that this is the only time something is equipped automatically.

After this you have to equip everything manually. The open barrels outside contain a fur hat which you do need to equip and some coins. Go south and west and exit by the blue arrow.

On the next screen you will find a green fairy where you can save and heal, if you like. Healing costs half of your gold, though! Cross the bridge and go on to the next screen. There you get a cutscene — you can see a village down the hill. You want to find it so you asuaard find out what happened to you! Inside the walkfhrough is a chest with an ice shield. Also check the statue for a powder. Cross the bridge to the west and go to the next screen map 4.

Now go back to map 3 and take the south exit. You will get a cutscene in which you wake up in a house filled with dwarves.

They ask your name — you can select any name you like, but in this walkthrough I will use the default name of Glen. So remember, Glen is you. The dwarves tell you they summoned you from your own wwlkthrough to Asguaard. You first have to go to Kandara. Grom will come with you. Outside he will teach you how to fight.

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You can select axe or claw fighting for Grom, and sword or knife fighting for you. There are many characters in the village that will be able to teach you valuable skills. For each skill you need to learn the expert level first, then the master level, then guru. See the skills list at the end of the document. Go and buy a knife or sword for Glen in the weapons shop. Grom will have a claw or an axe to start with, but you have to equip it. Also buy some armor and heal up.

Asguaard Walkthrough – Latest News

Then leave the village on the south side and arrive on the Roya World Map. The numbers on the maps indicate which map that exit will take you to. You can go east first if you like maps 2 and 3but there is nothing much there for you right now. From this map you walothrough go north again map 5but there is nothing for you there but an MP fairy.

Here you will get another little cutscene.

Grom wants you to do more learning before asfuaard go to Kandara. When you try to walk past the cave, Glen sees a light coming from the cave.