Biography of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, His Ministry, Impact and Exploits This is one of the most fascinating Biography, i have ever read in recent. Benson Andrew Idahosa was born in Benin (now Edo state) as an unhealthy child into a poor family. His health was so bad that his father. Archibishop Benson Idahosa Biography,who was the pioneer founder / grand patron of church of God mission int’l. Today marks the 20th year since Idahosa’s.

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December 16, at 7: He believed God for everything. Love u plenty sir!!

How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife – Vanguard News Nigeria

In shouldering major decision making Bishop FEB has biograpgy been able to combine intelligence and the wisdom of God with a listening ear for beneficiaries, staff and management of the various establishments under his leadership; this has brought about the exceptional progress and development these establishments have experienced over the years. Notify me of new comments via email.

What do you make of what is going on in PFN now?

May the Lord God give me the double and boldness of his faith in Jesus name. He up lifted my soul amen. July 31, at 9: He would ask the Chiefs who head the villages for permission to conduct an evangelistic biogrsphy in their village. Austin oluwaseun Micheal says: The mother did throw biiography away, but after a while she took him back.

Since then Idahosa has been preaching Prosperity with his life style and story. May 4, at 9: And he kept saying to me that I should focus my attention on God. I knew late Archbishop Benson Idahosa when I was young and we were friends for eight years before we got married.


Many years ago it was a taboo for women to hold the microphone not to talk of preaching in the church but he encouraged us to move in the spirit of God. But God who knows the heart of man directed my path to where I am today.

We give thanks to God who in love gives all all good and perfect gifts like Papa.

Biography Of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa | Believers Portal

Until The Lord Jesus will come God will not stop raises great men. January 3, at Idahosa rose from the rank of an ordinary man to world leadership as a pastor, builder, counsellor, prophet, teacher, apostle, evangelist,—a man of godly wisdom and of Christ-like compassion, whose ministry has blessed millions the world over.

My biographu Benson Idahosa was such a great man. Stay up to date with the latest links on every aspects of Nigerian Politics. With about 9 nine of these churches started across Nigeria, Church of God Mission is reaching the vital 18 — 35 year old demographic of youth that is poised to change Nigeria.

As a young ministre of mt. And I know he is enjoying in heaven.

What were the things that you did to equip yourself with the task ahead? He remains the greatest gospel legend Africa has ever produced. Just listening to his videos on you tube. God continue to idhaosa his soul and work of his hands that he left behind. Biograpuy iguehiduwa Oshomah says: He was also an active and committed member of the Assembly of God Church where he was converted.


January 25, at 1: Elton and they became good friends.

How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife

Started by ese Dec 11, Replies: After about five hours of hard searching I found a compound where a little girl had died a few hours before. April 3, at 1: This reality denied odahosa access to education until he was fourteen years old, when he was able to attend a local government school.

He did this in the evening while he worked for a shoe company Bata during the day.

He was saying thank you Irahosa and those on the table thought he was praying and they all closed their eyes and started saying thank you Jesus along with him but suddenly they did not hear anything again and one of the team members opened his eyes and found out that archbishop was gone.

I am inspired,I am walking to my calling with a great determination and faith.

Biography Of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

He was not only my husband, he was my brother, my friend and a confidant. Retrieved from ” beneon Janet Adjoa Sarfoh Motivational Speaker. Please enter your comment!

After about five hours of hard searching I found a compound where a little girl had died a few hours before.