Forklift operator’s safety code. The do’s and dont’s of forklift truck operation. Safe use of forklift trucks in slide form. BITA warns against forklift truck modifications. Operator’s Safety Code for Powered Industrial Trucks This edition has been expanded to clarify certain rules, . The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) also issues Codes of Practice and .. B Operator’s Safety Code for Rough Terrain Lift Trucks (the Red Book).

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Poor Organisation of Traffic Routes An obstructed traffic route, or one which is poorly lit or signposted, will increase the risk of accidents. We believe that the burden to industry can be reduced whilst improving effectiveness.

By formalising their existing close working relationship, the two organisations hope to achieve a number of common goals, namely:. It is important that the fork lift truck is used within the operating limits specified by the manufacturer, particularly safe working loads.

By focusing on design for safety the awards recognise innovative thinking, regardless of the type or cost of the product or service.

BITA – British Industrial Truck Association

The ease of refuelling, bitx of fuel cylinders or replacement and recharging of accumulators or batteries. The company saw off the competition in the technology classification with its smartphone app which allows fleet managers to keep in control wherever they are. Operator’s Safety Code for Powered Industrial Trucks This edition has been expanded to clarify certain rules, introduce a few new ones, and cover the limited use of trucks on public roads.

E-Learning Option Flexible modules. However, within Classes operagors picture is much more mixed.

Members taking part in the BITA Golf Day will enjoy a really great day of golf and experience some exceptional cross-industry networking. Continuous assessment of training needs should be conducted and any areas of identified wafety or inadequacy should be addressed by re-training. The increased output of UK manufacturing towards the end of helped the improving picture after a downturn in Q3.

This position was shared by several Member States. Lift trucks should not travel with raised loads. Safe systems of work should cover the use and operation of fork lift trucks.

They can be electrically or manually powered for lifting and moving the load, with the operator walking with the machine and controlling it with a handle.


Basic training should be given to new starters and as a refresher for more experienced operators. Although all the regulations are relevant to the use of fork lift trucks, the most significant are the following, as stipulated by LOLER.

In an industry that has been a long-time user of battery-powered vehicles, albeit of the lead-acid variety, there are many significant differences in the properties of the two types of batteries. Basic Training Basic training should be given to new starters and as a refresher for more experienced operators. This is usually performed by an engineer from an accredited in-service inspection body or opegators engineer surveyor from an insurance company. Overloading will cause a fork lift truck to loose stability operrators should be avoided.

If any defects are found the truck should not be used. This may impact product conformity and documentation requirements. If you are looking for friendly and professional IT support for your business please visit the Trichromic web site.

Fork Lift Trucks: In-depth

Ventilation Some fork lift trucks use internal combustion or LPG-fuelled engines, which can cause harmful gases, vapours or fumes to be emitted during their use.

Adequate strength and stability, taking into account: They are mostly used in container terminals. They are focused on designing safety into products and services with the aim being to highlight the importance of product or service design in improving safety standards.

A named manager should complete the checklist so that it is clear that management take the issue seriously and are taking positive action.

Travel routes should be chosen or prepared to avoid steep inclines, slippery gradients, and unstable or uncompacted ground Stacking to high levels should only be carried out on reasonably level, well drained ground that is well consolidated and away from any excavation When travelling, the fork arms should always be lowered but should be clear of the ground and any obstructions, and the mast should be tilted slightly backwards. They can be either two or four-wheel drive and have two or four-wheel steering.

Winning entries will be judged on the basis of those which provide the strongest evidence of a measurable contribution to the level of safety awareness, or rate of incident reduction achieved by the design.

The duty to properly organise lifting operations.

Counterbalance orders fell by All our courses are available across the UK and can be delivered at a time and place convenient to you – be that Saturday, or after hours, we will strive to be flexible and accommodate your needs. Flooring Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the safwty to ensure: This will prevent the likelihood of microbe, water or particulate contaminant problems.


Test Methods and Requirements. The ratio of trainees to instructors will vary according to the individual needs of the trainees but should be such as to allow each trainee adequate practice time, under close supervision, while also giving them an opportunity to learn from other trainees’ performances. GDP growth is predicted to be 2. Delegates at the well-attended event heard the latest Brexit saafety from leading commentator Tom Harris, and were also treated to a fascinating take on workplace diversity by Professor Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College London.

This mirrors the contraction in the construction sector over the last two consecutive quarters. The LOLER regulations require both initial and periodic examination of fork lift trucks and their accessories. It is important that correct lighting levels are provided in the work area so opertaors both drivers, and others, have sufficient light for safe working. Selection of Trainers Only instructors who are suitably qualified and competent should carry out training, and they themselves must be able to demonstrate that they have been trained, tested and certified as competent to operate the types of fork lift trucks for which they provide training.

BITA – The British Industrial Truck Association

A complimentary copy has been emailed to all BITA members. If the fork lift truck has been purchased, the owner should arrange for this to be done, usually by a specialist fork lift truck service company.

The next Outlook report will appear in Autumn Warehouse pedestrian trucks represent just more than a third of all transactions Look out for your personal invitation coming soon — in the meantime, if you wish to learn more, please contact in the first instance Peter MacLeod on or peter adfield.

This truck is used for long loads such as bales of timber and pipes. The requirements for a training area should include: A report of the examination will be produced following the inspection.