Documents, presets, manuals Boss DD Giga Delay – Audiofanzine. View and Download Boss Giga Delay DD owner’s manual online. Digital Delay. Giga Delay DD Music Equipment pdf manual download. DD(T). BG b. 23 b f e. 1 k. 20 m n c. 31 G QUICK MANUAL LABEL. 1. G ENC KNOB. 1. G .. Parallel box (BOSS J-5). • Oscilloscope.

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A fifth slot, called “Manual” can function as a temporary memory slot once the pedal is turned on, and the DD remembers the last setting this slot was set to when you turn it back on. Page of 44 Go. Changing How Memory Numbers Are Indicated Select the pattern that provides the easiest way to check the ds-20 in any particular environment. Further, the effect is not a mono effect panned ds-20 left and right but a stereo effect applied to a mono signal.

This is convenient when you want to use your foot to rapidly switch memories to call up a desired sound. The Boss DD GigaDelay is a dual-stompbox delay device featuring 23 seconds of delay time in 11 different delay modes.

Boss Giga Delay DD-20 Owner’s Manual

It’s rather pleasant and can be integrated into a loop well. If you are buying it anyway, why not let some of your cash go to your favorite web site?


These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation of the. Of some interest to glitch-seeking sonic manglers: If you rotate the Delay Time knob, the time changes in increments of milliseconds. Minimum delay length is ms. This is pretty darn cool if you ask me. A “seamless switching” feature allows you to switch from one delay mode to another without abruptly losing the audio of the first mode. If, for example, you already know the BPM of the song you are performing, you can get a perfectly synchronized delay effect by setting the delay time with the indicated tempo BPM.


The depth of cross fade how hard to the left and right the signal is panned can also be set from 0 no panning to maximum panning.

Memory locations can be shown with two different lighting patterns of the LEDs. For more details, refer to the description of each mode. Stereo output dBA: Release the pedal and the levels drop to wherever you originally set them.

Smooth adds a hint of rather digital-sounding stereo reverb. No part of this publication may be.

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The Sound On Sound mode is rather basic, with no control of feedback, and no reverse, half-speed, or pitch-changing functions. Glitching Of some interest to glitch-seeking sonic manglers: If there is any distortion in the sound, reduce the level on the connected device.


Boss calls it “an aggressive, spinning sensation. Staccato sounds played over time will appear as somewhat unpredictable random points in the stereo spectrum, while longer sounds will each have their own “swirl” depending on where in the wave the sound was played. These prices do not include a power adapter. A “Time Advance” function allows you to rapidly switch between coarse and fine delay settings.

You also get “seamless switching,” with memories switched smoothly. The only hitch to this is that once you leave a mode, you cannot alter its settings, even though you continue to hear its audio output.

However, simultaneously pressing and turning the knob causes the delay time setting to change rapidly, allowing you to quickly reach the value you want, even with higher values. There are several functions on the DD that can be set by the user: To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Curiously, Modulate affects a mono input but not a stereo input! Check the connections again p. The effected sound retains biga stereo image of the input.