Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus. The NITROX course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world. Enriched air diving gives Buceo nocturno Especialidad PADI. ,00 € Add to basket. Estos sistemas son una ayuda para los instructores de buceo en el ámbito del Con la certificación de los compresores Nitrox de BAUER otorgada por el TÜV.

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If you buuceo two 25 min dives to 25 meters 83 feet with air, the surface time will be at least 2 h 19 min in no decompression limits.

Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more recreational divers. Well, practically everything, because learning to dive is fantastic. That is why a course mitrox which so pormenarizada the benefits and risks of diving with Enriched Air is evaluating is necessary.

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The ease of movement without a nittrox tank on the back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the program.

It’s easy to understand why. Academics Techniques to spend more time diving through bucel use of nitrox enriched air. At the end of the theory part, a short test must be completed in order to assess the acquired knowledge and to secure the highest level possible to scuba dive with enriched air.

All courses are PADI and include basic diving equipment, diving insurance and certification fee. Theory session and two enriched air dives. PADI underwater digital photography specialty — Photographers generally like to do several dives in order to get more underwater photos. You will do two dives with Enriched Air Nitrox so you can see for yourself the benefits of using these mixtures. Deep Diving program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to make these types of dives safely and comfortably.


Buceo Nitrox, especialidades profundo, nocturno y con tiburones.

Continue your training as a diver, signing up for other PADI speciality courses available. Exciting diving experiences await. As we know, air consumption depends on several factors: Add Adventure to compare successful. Aside from your comfort underwater, proper insulation and protection is nitorx important for your safety.

Not included in the price. Check the weather od the day of your activity and avoid surprises. Many divers also report a benefit bucwo being less tired after diving with Nitrox than after a regular dive, particularly when making repetitive dives in a day or over the course of several days while on a dive trip or live-aboard boat.

Please check another or chat with us. Este sitio buceeo utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la nuceo experiencia de usuario. You breathe underwater your first time something you will never forget and learn what you need to become a certified diver.

You will learn how to navigate with a compass, and how to apply natural navigation skills, estimate distances, navigate different search patterns, find your way to marking points, and be able to get back to the exit point.

In the theory part, we will focus on: You will learn to interact with waves when entering from shore, how to react in a rip current and other water conditions.

The equipment you carry varies somewhat, depending on whether you are going to dive to a tropical, temperate or cold water site. Theoretical multimedia content divided into two modules where you will learn:. What do the dives consist of? Considerations about diving equipment with enriched air.

What does the course include? We offer a variety of materials to study at home for the Open Water Diver course. Theory session and dive simulation Option 2: You no longer have to make a choice between safety and longer dive times — nitrox is the key. Add to my wishlist.


Your Total Co System is like a buddy underwater who you need to be able to rely on at any time. Click here for more information. Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, bucwo their surface intervals and reduce the fatigue bucel associated with making repetitive dives. Later, as a certified diver, you will use the course materials as a reference guide for future diving adventures and to review what you have learned.

Enhance your dive trips! Viaje Isla de Tabarca. Science of Diving addresses all the areas of diving knowledge in a detailed and comprehensive manner: Do you need a place to stay? Learn everything you need to know to be a successful underwater photographer! Discounts all year round for couples or groups.

One of the first concepts that every diver learns practically from the beginning is that the nitrogen in the air becomes dangerous nutrox compressed depth and breathed by the diver. Enriched air diving gives you more diving time without decompression.

NITROX Enriched Air Diving

Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce the fatigue often associated with making repetitive dives. In addition, proper buoyancy control is the best skill for environmental protection.

Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza nitroz para que usted tenga la mejor bucfo de usuario. The reason behind is based on the physiological effect of weariness we feel when N2 accumulates in our body tissues.