Building with Earth by Gernot Minke, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Building with Earth Gemot Minke Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Birkhauser – Publishers for Architecture Basel • Berlin. Minke, Gernot Documentation of 30 international earth buildings. The characteristics of the building material earth and its applications in modern architecture.

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Loam, or clayey soil, as it is referred to scientifically, has different names when used in various applications, for instance rammed earth, soil blocks, mud bricks or adobe.

Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

The “secret” ternot loam lies in the lamellar structure of the various clay minerals and their internal electrical attraction, which is activated only by water and movement. There also exists a variety of less common clay minerals such as lllite.

It is also advantageous if this formwork can con- tribute to a substantial increase in minme insulation. More important than the kind of straw is the structure of its shoots. Preparation The compressive strength of a mix is affect- ed by the type and amount of preparation, as well as by the proportion of water used in the preparation, a fact that is neither well- known nor well-researched. In practise, therefore, this kind of strength is more important than either compressive or bending strength.

If clods of clayey soil are to be used, they have to remain covered with water for some days in large flat containers. Several reports show that cooked starch and molasses can also be used to enhance stability.

Loam is a mixture of clay, silt and sand, and sometimes contains larger aggregates like gravel and stones. The advantage of expanded cork is its low density.


In order to guarantee that differ- ent loam mixtures are comparable, the cho- sen consistency of the samples was defined by a diameter of 70 mm instead of 50 mm of the flat circular area, which forms if a test ball of g weight is gernlt from a height of 2 m.

Building with Earth: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture by Gernot Minke

It requires an electric engine of 4 kW. However, the proportion of fine aggregates can only be ascertained by sedimentation. Cort rated it really liked it Jul 09, Otherwise, micro- cracks will occur eqrth generate strong water absorption.

Foamed glass has characteristics similar to expanded clay, but has a lower bulk density.

Full text of “Gernot Minke- Building With Earth”

In the developing countries, requirements for shelter can be eath only by using local building materials and relying on do-it-yourself construction techniques. Further- more, the lime reacts with the C0 2 in the air to form limestone. With sandy loam bui,ding with little clay content, a diameter of 50 mm is not attainable. It should be noted that these tests were done with optimum water content and with pure clay. One was built of cm-thick earth walls and ternot brick vaults, and the other of cm-thick pre-cast concrete elements with a flat roof.

For instance, compressive and bend- ing strength can be raised by adding starch and cellulose, but these additives also reduce the binding force and increase the shrinkage ratio, which is disadvantageous.

Walls rammed with flat-based rams show less lateral shear resistance and there- fore should only be loaded vertically.

To pre- empt deformation of the weakened loam at the bottom during weighing, a 4-mm-thick sponge over an acrylic glass plate is placed underneath see 2. The length of the ribbon, when it breaks under its own weight, is measured by pushing it slowly over a rounded edge with a radius curvature of 1 cm 2.


Building with Earth : Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture

With this standard stiffness, the shrinkage test is to be executed as follows: Nibble test A pinch of soil is lightly nibbled. Rigidity of mihke against breakage depends upon compressive as well as bending tensile strength.

Normally, no specific binding force is needed with eartu as a building material. Thermal expansion The expansion of a material caused by rais- ing its temperature is relevant for mud plas- ters on stone, cement or brick walls, and for lime or other plasters on earth walls.

This product may be bullding, pressed or foamed with hydrogen peroxide H 2 0 2. Jose Acosta rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Naturally or artificial- ly foamed mineral particles like pumice, lava, expanded clay, foamed glass, expanded perlite and foamed plant matter like expanded cork can also be added.

In Africa, nearly all early mosques are built from earth. But this test is unnecessary for earth construction practices, since earth components would never be permanently immersed in water in any case. Aug 25, Alireza rated it it was amazing. When one course eargh complete, the next course that is rammed is moister than the one already in place, which is partially dried gerrnot.

Since the process- es involved are labour-intensive and require only inexpensive tools and machines, they are ideal for do-it-yourself building.