Elias Canetti was a remarkable writer, but he was recently vilified for his of the still unsung pre-war masterpiece Die Blendung or Auto-da-Fé. UNSPECIFIED () Blind reflections: Gender in Elias Canetti’s Die ‘Blendung’. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, 92 (Part 4). pp. ISSN THE VISION OF MAN IN ELIAS CANETTI’S DIE BLENDUNG. Peter Russell. Victoria University, Wellington, N.Z.. Search for more papers by this author.

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Is not the point about Mischa Fox in The Canftti from the Enchanter that caneti is what those enthralled by him want to make him in their minds? Canetti’s friend, the sculptor Fritz Wotrubafelt that the character was modelled on Canetti’s brother Nessim, who at the time lived in France, worked for Polydor Records and was an impresario for French chanson through the nightclub he ran there.

Return to Book Page. Every character seems to present a type of insanity, with the exception of Georges Kien, who in fact venerates insanity, to the point of regarding it as superior, even holy Canetti, Most of the time however, I’m just bored.

Die Blendung by Elias Canetti (2 star ratings)

Het begin van dit boek was bevreemdend, maar tegelijkertijd intrigerend. Kien is grateful to her and admires such staunch enforcement of the rules surrounding his library. Seitenlang wird man der Dummheit der Menschen ausgesetzt und fragt sich, warum man dies lese. A writer for the Spectator described it as: I was flagged, I guess quoting from an article is a no-no according to GoodReads, so you will have to go to the link to read it yourself, which is sad because I don’t think many people will look at the link and the quote was really entertaining.

The God-monster’s version

Leslie rated it it was ok Jun 09, The class system itself and the elite who ran it are subjects of unceasing fascination to this connoisseur of power.


With masterly precision, Canetti reveals Kien’s character, displaying the flawed personal relationships which ultimately lead to his destruction.

It is such splendid dark humour, am I the only soul that finds this book so cleverly funny? Be that as it may, Canetti hated TS Eliot, whose poetry and reputation were indicative of all that had become wrong with England since the centuries of its cultural glory: I’ve been trudging through it since August, it is now December, and I’ve only gotten halfway.

It’s quite long, hlendung considering that there are very few characters, and all of them are basically one-dimensional in their hideousness. He seems unaware that his Hampstead neighbour, Sheffield Blendunt professor William Empson, with whom he would have loved to talk about mass crowds in China, had been famously cold-shouldered by Cambridge, which was why he blencung in such outlandish places as China and Sheffield in the first place.

The ending is no less bizarre than the rest of the book. In this world, it starts with money.

Views Read Edit View history. Claas rated it it was ok May 23, Canetti ultimately created an oeuvre that is more individualist, more eccentric perhaps, in some canetgi more original, than that of any of the other great 20th-century modernists from central Europe.

Auo-da-Fe was just such a case for me. Only slowly, and after Veza’s death indid he begin to make his name in either the German- or English-speaking worlds. But his amusement is short-lived and he finds “every way to love was blocked for me by her dream”.

Feb 09, Pi. I read this book a few years ago and while I was reading it I was thinking- why read this? He vowed also not to publish a word until he had completed his book-length essay Crowds and Powerwhich was to be his reckoning with the forces that had driven him rie the continent.

But when Therese arrives in a thin white slip, she thrusts the books onto the floor to make room.

I even skipped pages after did the book, which I very rarely do, and didn’t read most of part 3. I am not impressed, and certainly – not entertained.


Leaving Vienna broke Veza’s sie and she never returned. His “pupil” from the age of 19, Benedikt was from a rich and distinguished Viennese family. Kien consequently invites the boy to see his library.

The sex could hardly be more different from her own accounts of power and dominance. Yet the British were not always the most accommodating hosts and the Canettis not always willing to be grateful.

While they continue to eat well, their houseguests are given half-rotten vegetables cooked in nothing but water, a culinary failing which seems to cannetti the story’s narrator nearly as much as the black worms she finds sharing her meal one day.

After a serious dispute, Kien leaves the apartment and lives for a while in hotels. He is constantly prevailed upon to accept various academic posts, but canwtti absorbed in his studies and shuns social and physical contacts. I am laughing out loud and find myself repeating some of the writing out loud as i read.

So fitting, considering belndung book, I hope you feel important, good day. It was eventually released in This couldn’t have been all bad, because something did keep me reading despite being sorely tempted to quite about every ten pages or so.

The God-monster’s version | Books | The Guardian

The great all-knowing Dichter. The book manuscript was finished inand the book was published inby Herbert Reichner in Vienna Canetti’s hometown at that time. This page was last edited on 16 Mayat He himself was the owner of the most important private library in the whole of this great city.

I can’t even imagine why anyone would be so up-in-arms. Was be trying to be prophetic b,endung funny?