Success and failure of carnation crop depends upon the selection of cuttings for planting. The stem tip cuttings must be of good diameter and. Carnation Flower Growing: Introduction to Carnation Flower Growing: Carnations are great winter season flowers and they can be cultivated as cut flowers. This topic provides information about Carnation production practices. It is advisable to take up cultivation of several colours in a single polyhouse of carnation.

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Stem and root rot might be present. Pinching is an important operation in the successful production of quality carnation. After this occurs, stems bend and harvest losses are unavoidable. To ensure straight stems, the carnation crop needs to be supported with 4 or 5 layers of support material.

Disbudding In standard carnations, side i should be removed whereas in spray carnations, the terminal bud has to be removed. Exquisite, KissiScarlet Elegance.

Spores resembling black specks grow randomly in the middle of stains. CMV cannot be controlled by treatment. The stem tip cuttings must be of good diameter and have closely spaced leaves. Crops Garlic Farming Guide October 12, For poyhouse, the material is the metal cable, or plastic rope is used. Bottom net of 7. Micro carnation is used for as ornamental pot plants. To make the more favorable growing condition for carnation organic matter FYM is added in bed with polyhouss basal dose of NPK fertilizer.

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CMV does not have any known rector and can be highly contagious. Grading of Carnation Cut flower: It reduces flower production and quality and might cause inconsistent colour ethics in the petals.

Carnation — Vikaspedia

The disease is normal under warm, humid conditions. Bottom net can be of 10x10cm, then two nets of Success and failure of carnation crop depends upon the selection of cuttings for planting. Ucltivation email address is being protected from spambots. Heavily infested plant may be discoloured stunted. Post harvest Treatment Citric acid is added to water to make the pH 4.

The practice of removing undesirable immature flower buds other than central terminal bud is called disbudding. The disease is characterized by appearance of round purplish spots on the leaves, enlarging slowly with brownish black centre having sporulation. Rotting of the stem below floor level with inner brown streaking extending around the stem. Addition of sulphur or acid forming fertilizers will reduce the soil pH if it is on the higher side.

If possible, have the soil analyzed every Two or Three weeks to determine whether it is essential to alter the fertilization program. This is due to ethylene gas emitted by fruits and vegetables. Click here to post a comment. These shoots make the initial flush. Harvesting of Carnation crop: The plastic is then loosely folded on top of the stems and the lid is closed.

Aphids suck the sap in the leaves and disfigure the young development. Hence the crop needs support while growing.

Carnation cultivation guide (2018)

Special practices Netting for plant support: Sulphate of potash 0: But in case of spray carnations only the central terminal bud is removed to encourage lateral flower buds to develop care must be taken to avoid any injury to the main stem. This can also be reduced by placing a rubber band or 6mm wide clear plastic tape is used around the calyx of the flowers which are just start opening.


Top of the plant is removed leaving 5 to 6 paired leaves on the plant. The full cartons should be pre-cooled with out lid. The fungus causes a brown rotting and blighting of affected tissues. Across the bed, nylon wires are woven like net.

This method facilitates more rapid flowering but all stems flower at same time. Eolo, Pink Eolo, Wiko.

Always busy in farm to find something new. Carnations need high degrees to generate premium quality flowers. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

Yield of Carnation crop: Optimum soil pH is 6. Fertilization from 8th week onwards until 12th week: After harvest, the flower stems have to be trimmed at the base and should be immediately placed in a bucket of preservative solution of warm and deionized water. Growing region wise Varieties of carnation.