Are you civil engineering styudent of anna university? and Are you searching for question bank of irrigation engineering? if yes,you are at the. Details: Subject Name: CE IRRIGATION ENGINEERING Subject Code: CE Regulation: Semester: 5th Semester Year: Third Year. CE Irrigation Engineering Nov Dec question paper ANNA UNIVERSITY CIVIL 5TH SEMESTER QUESTION PAPER DETAILS.

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Water conveyance efficiency 2. Types of sprinkler irrigation: Sc Question Paper. Duty represents the irrigating Capacity of a unit of water. Mention the various types of cross drainage works used in canal systems.

Briefly explain about on-farm-development works? Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Briefly explain about classification of cross drainage works? Spillway can be constructed either as part of the main dam, such as in overflow section of a concrete dam or as a separate structure altogether.

Masonry Weir Rockfill weir Concrete weir 5. Water use efficiency 4.


I Question Paper Course: What are different types of dams based on the function served? Definition of gravity dam and enumerate the various forces acting on a gravity dam. What are the types of spurs? In such case irrigation work may be constructed at a place where more water is available, and then to.


That’s why her website is named as www. Inform them to search more question papers with the keyword ‘indianuniversityquestionpapers’ included in their search.

CE Irrigation Engineering Question Bank – Suji Edition

Cutting down time consuming long methods of survey which give results after considerate time. You can also share your own study materials and it can be published in this website after verification and reviewing. We have uploaded here a old question paper of CE with complete answers including 02 marks and 16 marks.

Anna University Result Regulation. Functional English Question Paper Y Anna University Chennai Syllabus Regulation. Forces acting on a dam: She has developed this website for the welfare of students community not only for students under Anna University Chennai, but for all universities located in India.

Anna University Chennai Ce irrigation engineering quetion bank model question papers

These projects mainly consist of engineering or hydraulic structures which collect, Convey, and deliver water to areas on which. Also, due to shallow depth of the water tube, deep percolation losses are less. What are the causes of failure of Earthen dam?


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It saves the crops from drying during droughts. Academic Schedule odd semester. Protection from famine; During the construction of the irrigation Winks, employment is carried to the people and thus they get relief against famine. CE — Foundation Engineering. Just refer the previous year questions from our website.

Disclaimer Contact Privacy Policy. University question paper Jan Types of canal irrigation: With the assured supply of water, superior crops take the place of inferior crops,thus increase the crop value. Bamboo spur Timber spur Boulder spur 4.