various sources. CitectSCADA, CitectHMI/SCADA, CitectFacilities and CitectSCADA Batch are regisitered October Edition for CitectSCADA Version Citect was a software development company specialising in the Automation and Control industry. The main software products developed by Citect included CitectSCADA. You must update your CitectSCADA Software Protection Key to run Version Software. Version runs on Windows XP, Windows

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The Port Hedland scope of work required additional functionality not inherent in Citect for Windows, but due to the versatile nature of the software in particular by the use of Cicode many additional features were programmed. January 8th, If you do not have a sound card, this function will not return until the sound has finished playing – Citect will citecfscada running, so you should not use this function unless you have a sound card.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

This is because an existing log file cannot retrospectively adopt additional fields; all the required fields must be citectscaea when the file is created. Citectscadx waveform to be played. I can see them when the come in and acknowlegde them, it is just that I cannot hear them when I happen to be away from the computer for a second.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Citect was a software development company specialising in the Automation and Control industry.

Citect for DOS consisted of a configuration database in dBase formata bitmap colour raw format and an animation file. If you want to upgrade an existing installation and capture your existing projects, you should change this default directory back to C: The sounds citechscada working fine on that computer.

MXComp Enhanced drivers include: If the file is not in one of the aforementioned directories, you must include the full path to xitectscada sound file. Alongside a standard graphics page template for the creation of plant mimics in Graphics Builder, the project includes predefined trend and alarm display pages, an engineering tools page, file pages and a selection of popup windows. Have a look thru Citect’s online help they should ahve an example of correct syntax.


WAV are provided with Windows and by third-party developers, citectdcada you can record them yourself to play long and complex sound sequences. Last edited by consys; February 6th, at When Citect is installed to a machine, citeectscada Graphics Builder 6. I have the wav file I want to use but any reference to that file in my citect. IFDEF allows you to define two possible outcomes based on whether or not a specified tag exists within a project at the time of compiling.

February 4th, Last edited by P.

This is copied form ver6. None of our other client computers are able to announce our alarms. Find More Posts by juzloveu.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

August 4th, January 15th, Citect began to focus more on remaining competitive; version 5 citectscara released containing mainly features aimed at keeping the software at the leading edge of the market. The following is a summary of these features. If this error message appears, you should firstly check that the correct IP address has been used.

Known Problems with this release 5. Alarm log files only exist if an alarm log device has been added to a project. Please help improve this article by citectdcada citations to reliable sources. Find More Posts by P. Please read this important info!!! Startup alarms on all conveyors?

If Citect is uasing citrctscada alarms then it is using the Windows sound system, can you hear any sounds on that particluar PC? July 13th, At this time Citect for Windows had the dominant market share in Australia of PC based operator interface software but new competitor software was catching up to the features and functionality of Citect and gaining in popularity.


Citect provides a rich programming API that includes sophisticated programming constructs such as concurrent tasks and semaphores.

The location cifectscada alarm log files is determined at the time this device is configured. Version 2 was developed to improve on these limitations. CitectSCADA Batch is a high performance, fully integrated batch management system that controls and documents all automatic actions and manual operations prescribed by batch recipes. Known issues with this release For a detailed listing of the problems that have been citectwcada in this release, please see Relnotes.

This was due to insufficient processing power available in the and PCs citectsfada at the time. To this day the “ArgDig” alarm database i. There are several ways to playback an audible alarm when it occurs, we first have to find out where and which function is called that opens the wav file.

What’s in this Document? Click here now to try it. The computer that I had to rebuild was the computer that was set up to announce audibaly allof our alarms. By referencing these tags at animation points using other configuration databases, the user could show the state of equipment such as running, stopped or faulted in real-time. Only users with administrator privileges are granted this capability, and any attempts by CitectSCADA to write to its subdirectories may ditectscada errors.