54 affect (the) v outcome n. 55 affect (the) v development n. (of). 56 allocate v resources n. 57 allow v access n. (to). The Academic Collocation List. Page 1 of of syntax-based approaches to collocation extraction, which has traditionally been a given string of characters), file type (it must belong to a list of allowed . LIST OF FREQUENT COLLOCATIONS. María Moreno Jaén. University of Granada. 1 time long spend short waste take spare give present working. 2 year past.

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Yes Specifies that, when necessary to meet the low migration threshold, the server continues to migrate files that do not satisfy the migration delay time.

DEFINE STGPOOL (Define a primary storage pool assigned to sequential access devices)

The server stores the file in the filefype storage pool that can accept the file size. Collocates the data by node for ungrouped nodes. This parameter is optional. All volumes in this storage pool are created as FILE volumes.

The server determines that the volume is a candidate for reclamation if the percentage of reclaimable space on a volume is greater than the reclamation threshold of the storage pool. Hi my dear colleague! Im looking for this dictionary would you please send it to my email address? The maximum length of the description is characters. The device class for the storage pools must have a mount limit of at least Do not use this parameter to specify a storage pool for data migration. One drive is for the input volume, and the other drive is for the output volume.


The storage pools have the same device class. Filetyp copy storage pool list is active only for the life of the client session and applies to all the primary storage pools in a particular storage pool hierarchy. Use this command to define a primary storage pool that is assigned to sequential access devices.

If you allow more than one migration process for the storage pool, some files that do not satisfy the migration delay time may be migrated unnecessarily. Open the PDF file provided in this post C: Privilege class To issue this command, you must have system privilege. The default value is 60, except for storage pools that use WORM devices.

Oxford Collocation Dictionary (PDF) | English Learners

The client estimates the size of files that are sent to the server. Please bring me back to life! One of the drives is for the input volume, and the other drive is for the output volume. Assuming that the storage pool to which files are being migrated has the same device class as the storage pool from which files are being migrated, each collcation requires two mount points and, if the device type is not FILE, two drives.

For example, if you specify ten migration processes and only six volumes are eligible for migration, the server will start ten processes and four of them will complete without processing a volume.

During server data-migration processes, data is written simultaneously to copy storage pools and active-data pools only if the data does not exist in those pools. During migration from disk, the server creates migration processes at the collocation group level for grouped file spaces.


Data is not written to active-data pools during server import processes.

MAXSIze Specifies the maximum size for a physical file that the server can store in the storage pool. Data deduplication processes can be either active or idle. For example, if a data deduplication process processes four files, becomes idle, and then processes five more files, then the total number of files processed is nine.

All available tapes that already have data for the node are used before available space on any other tape is used. When the storage pool reaches the low migration threshold, the server does not start migration of files from another volume. You can specify an integer 1 – DESCription Specifies a description of the storage pool.

My hopes for this will be shattered without your assistance. Specify the original storage pool as the next storage pool for the reclaim storage pool. When the storage pool exceeds the high migration threshold, the server can start migration of files by volume to the next storage pool defined for the pool. For storage pools that ckllocation a WORM device class, you can lower the value from the default of