Daaku: The Gangster’s Life picks up the story of Indo–Canadian gangster Ruby Pandher, the hero of Ranj Dhaliwal’s bestseller Daaku, as he recovers from a. Daaku: The Gangster’s Life picks up the story of Indo-Canadian gangster Ruby Pandher, the hero of Ranj Dhaliwal’s bestseller Daaku, as he recovers from a. The Daaku referred to in Ranj Dhaliwal’s book is Ruby Pandher, an Indo- Canadian gangster. We meet Ruby when he is 7 years old or.

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Hi, I found your website, Lotus Reads, while tracking down Ranj and his book Daaku to put on my own blogspot.

Ranj Dhaliwal

When I first got together with these people, I was younger than them. Then the rash of gang violence led me to wonder why I had to fear for my life in Surrey, given that Punjabi gangsters usually only kill Punjabi associates.

Dhliwal ask other readers questions about Daakuplease sign up. Why is a very good question.

DAAKU DELIGHT : Ranj Dhaliwal promises sequel to saga – but not just yet | Desi Today Magazine

Where are you on this issue? I am going to dhliwal checking it out just now. Anoop Sidhu rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Dhaliwal was elected in and became the Vice-President elect of the temple in The Gangster’s Life by Dhaliwal Ranj.


Your email address will not be published. Preview — Daaku by Dhaliwal Ranj.

Would you be able today to pick up the dhaliwla and talk to a number of your old colleagues? Then it dawned on me: I am absolutely delighted to have someone who has read the book comment on it.

Wow Lotus that was a very powerful review. But in the gurdwara, there is safety. I guess this is how sociopaths are created – add drugs, poverty and a violent lifestyle to the mix and there can be nothing but trouble. All in all, this story was a ten out of ten for me and would read it again and again in the future. We were outside of the two groups involved. The premise of this book is interesting; however, the writing leaves much to be desired.

Daaku: The Gangster’s Life

New Star Books October 23, Language: These Punjabi gangsters couldn’t tie a decent turban if they tried! I knew our Punjabi community was having a few problems, but I didn’t know the extent to which gangs and gang warfare was fueling the problem. And then it peaked after that. We could use that approach in other communities. Gurjit added it Sep 27, Some one had once recomended it and when I read it it lead me into a different world, one which I never saw through.


I did take the privilege to download the cover of Daaku from dhzliwal site — which may have come from the publisher or even Chapters Indigo. Why do they knowingly hurt the people that love and care for them?

Ranj Dhaliwal – Wikipedia

When I started writing, it was off and on. Most places that have tables and chairs in the langar hall, people walk around in shoes where people are going to eat.

Fortunately the subject matter was so interesting it was hard for me to put down. Then the story just flowed.

You hate Ruby’s attitude to life, his blatant disregard for the law and for human life. I, too, had no idea about this gang problem among our Desis and that is why I was prompted to read the book. Because one of the main factors why these guy literally risk their lives and reduce their life span by around 60 or so years is for the babes.