April Outlook – Daniel T. Ferrera. Ferrera is a Gann disciple and produces longer term cyclic forecasts. His forecast is calling for in the next few years I do not disagree with this outlook. . (71). ▻ December (9). Daniel T. Ferrera’s Outlook for forecasts the financial and 1, Ferrera’s “ Outlook for ” predicted a November low which proved. 1, Ferrera’s “Outlook for ” predicted a November low, which proved to be accurate within one week for the S&P (see Fig. 1).

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Do you expect market will go up higher from now on?

Obe and Wesley Li, There are a couple of cycles I am watching right now. I have to see which one is the more dominant one.

Daniel T. Ferrera’s 2011 Stock Market Forecast May Update Protects Investors Profits

I don’t think we make higher Highs right now, but the rally could be ferrrea and volatile. My next public post will be right after the next Panic Low. Hi Raj, I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with the world and respect your subscribers.

I am wondering you would be willing to recommend some books that taught you the basis of what you do? Hi Dave, There are many resources that I have learned Something from. Other’s work that you can learn something certainly not all from are: Dan Ferreras’ annual report: Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory http: David Mcminn has done some good research books on various Cycles: Here is an online book: One more book Time and Money by Robert Gover http: I am based on: It was just that all those High Low dates, pin pointed by the Squared TD calculations were similar fractals in the past.


Thank you for your recommendations! Sorry for another follow up Does he have any work available for study? Hi David, He had some articles a decade or so ago in ‘Gann and Elliot” magazine that later became http: Many stock market books are either too vague or complete waste of time.

Although Raniel don’t have any of Dan Ferrera’s books, I am sure they must be good, because I have read his annual dankel and they are very good and worth the Investment: Hi raj, Do you read Ferreras Outlook? He was absolutely wrong in the longtime Change in Trend.

How you can say would be a better year for him? Trendtrader, it has nothing to do with being right or wrong. His research has been very good.

Ferrerq other books’ authors has been wrong for many many years, like Prechter,Delta nad spiral Calendar, but that doesn’t mean that some of their stuff is not good. It would be a mistake to use a black and white judgement on dzniel of them.

One more Book to read: TTheory by Terry Laundry, also something to learn from him, but none are flawless http: Dear Raj, I’m on your side with your Viewpoint. I mean basically read Books or for example me: Otherwise it would not be experienced. When you observe something then you share it.


Swing Trade cycles: April Outlook – Daniel T. Ferrera

You can never see the whole. If we do but the way it has been practiced for years. Let’s go with the trend. I find this is the easiest method. But Laundry is also nice. Ah by the Way, Raj, you show over the last couple of Month very good Work.

Much more as all the Trader i know. Trust me, the best is to study the Market from a successfully Trader. Learn Money Management go with the Trend and you will profitable! Following Bruce Larson comments, By my count, we are now near the 20th day of a positive cycle. Do u believe the downturn we start shortly? Thanks for all your analysis and comments. The Panic cycle was looking for an initial SP decline, but we more than doubled that, with more to come.

Now increment that number by 1 or 2 each time and re square to get future CITs:. Posted by Raj Time and Cycles at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.