Differences between LSMW and BDC. Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that SAP provided since the early versions of. Difference Between LSMW and BDC – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BDC means Batch Data Communication and is used to upload mass data at a given time. 2 What is the difference between LSMW and BDC.

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Data can be uploaded through recording only 2. So, through LSMW, one cannot upload huge amount of data.

It ensures data integrity, data consistency and data security. After the Legacy data creation convert the data in to the “Flat file”. What type of internal table should be created for call transaction. Its like running the transaction manually but all the data is populated on the screens automatically.

LSMW offers different techinque for migrating data: If the file is in the form of text format we can create the “. Has 4 methods for uploading data. BDC it is also used to upload the data from flat file to databese. That flat file is in the form of text file or excel format. Are logs maintained in BDC. While bdc basically uses recording.

Does require programming knowledge 5. Views Views are logical views of more than one table. Every effort is made to ensure content integrity.


– Tips – Differences between LSMW and BDC

Is a session stored after execution. Data can be uploaded through recording only. Minimal coding almost nil. LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who do not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality.

What is the difference between a call transaction and session method. What is an ALE?

What is the Difference between BDC and LSMW

Call transaction method ; differdnce. Newer Post Older Post Home. The latter technique has a built-in error processing mechanism too. BDC Interview Tips sap abap interview questions. What are the uses of ALV reports?

difference between LSMW and BDC

Can we upload a given range of records say from Is BDC synchronous or asynchronous. The ABAP Dictionary allows a central description of all the data used in the system without redundancies.

What are different import types for data uploading in LSMW. Yes, it is a good tool for functional consultants, but in the hands of an experienced technical netween it can do wonders.

To spell out the differences in detail: Here we need to write code to accomplish the process or we can record steps of a certain process like ex: LSMW is basicaly designed for a fuctional consultant who brtween not do much coding but need to explore the fuctionality while BDC is designed for a technical consultant.

Legacy data means Cleansing data and Purging the data After the Legacy data creation convert the data in to the “Flat file”. How can we see error messages during call transaction. SAP Scripts are client dependent whereas Smartforms are client independent. Uploading cannot be done for specific set of records. LSMW is recommended for large amount of data.



DI programs are not available for all application areas. LSMW is used to upload master data like vendor master,customer master,material master,G.

But the only difference is, instead of processing screens they validate fields and directly load the data into tables using standard function modules. Legacy System Migration Workbench.

SAP Scripts require a driver program to display bftween output whereas in smartforms the form routines can be written so that it is standalone.

How do we handle currency or quantity field in Diffetence. One just has to follow the 14 steps. An Table Painter and Smartstyles to assist in building up the smartforms An integrated Form Builder helps to design Smartforms more easily than SAP Scripts It is possible to create a Smartform without a main window Function module is generated for Smartforms when we are activating it. Field value 5 What should be internal table type used for uploading data to BDC.