Buy Sixty Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) New Ed by Donald Barthelme, David Gates (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. With these audacious and murderously witty stories, Donald Barthelme threw the preoccupations of our time into the literary equivalent of a. This excellent collection of Donald Barthelme’s literary output during the s and s covers the period when the writer came to.

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A brief survey of the short story part 16: Donald Barthelme

Equally, stoeies description of the waterboarding of an enemy combatant shows its concerns can hardly be said to lie solely with events of the past.

Take heart, poets attempting to write fiction. Aug 26, MJ Nicholls rated it it was amazing Shelves: Whether that was an improvement or not is for everyone to decide. Borges for depressed people. REPO Dazzling collection of postmodern blisters and blasters, usually as short as three, four or five pages but some as long as twelve pages, stories written in dialogue or lists or letters or narrative, covering topics from highbrow culture to storis lowbrow scuzzy, from the everyday to the sensational and historic, an innovative collection from one of the most perceptive wordsmiths ever to put pen to paper or fingers to typewriter.

This collection will reinstate your beliefs in the powers of language and literature and you will be pleasantly surprised with what he can do in a short amount of space. Barthelme is an unmistakable stylist. Novelty is a shallow virtue at best.

Donald Barthelme – ’60 Stories’

At his best here, Barthelme pushes things in ways none of his derivatives could hope to: As such, most readers will react strongly one way or the other to the absurdist elements of Sixty Stories. The best way to read this book, then, is to just flip through it and see whatever interests you.


May 25, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: But you had wandered off into another room, testing the effect on members of the audience of your ruffled blouse, your long magenta skirt. Mar 04, Realini rated it it was amazing. As to rating, it therefore becomes hard and intensely personal.

I often get frustrated because just when I get acclimated to the structure of the story, right when I really sink into the groove, the story ends. No one with an ear for the language will want to skip the discoveries Donald Barthelme made in American Eglish.

There were traces but only traces. Like all of Donald’s work, the sixty stories collected in this volume are triumphs of language and perception, at once unsettling and irresistible. People put religion not just at the center of their communal life, but it seems to me that religion is in any and every part of their existence. I do hate fucking Lawyers, but, you know, Occasionally, I have to make a One-off exception. Donny seemed to have the strategy of writing as many stories as he can, as weirdly as he can, and then seeing what works.

But, y’know, that literary assemblage is only a worthwhile endeavor, I think, when it amounts to something coherent and unified in the end, despite itself. The young woman is supposed to work in a would-be car rental office and needs to rent a place. Some of the stories resonated wonderfully and left intense Goodreads reader Michael Peck wrote it better than I could in his review; ” The false consciousness created and catered to by mass culture perpetuates ignorance and powerlessness Took me forever to get trough all Some of the stories resonated wonderfully and left intense feelings.


The Phantom of the Operas Friend. I adore this book. While in many ways his father was avant-garde in art and aesthetics, he did not approve of the post-modern and deconstruction schools. And here’s a video of actor Timothy Hutton reading from Sixty Stories: Barthelme’s experimentation with words is invigorating not theoretical, and well I guess I can say this, astounding.

Jan 10, Alicia Grega rated it it was amazing. But once you start to feel a little bored or fed up, you end up bumping into a brilliant story two pages later. View all 7 comments. I basically have no idea what that was all about. I guess this is like the literary equivalent to Rauschenberg’s paintings.

How can I justify my indifference to Donald Barthelme? Want to Read saving…. I am not well. Will You Tell Me? Jan 10, Panagiotis added it. Jun 13, Franco Santos rated it really liked it Shelves: A City of Churches by Donaald Barthelme We could be talking about Bucharest…my home town and a place which has too many churches.

Human beings communicate primarily by language. He was a regular contributor to the New Yorker and taught creative writing at the University of Houston. No eBook available Penguin. That judgment, as unexpected as it is perspicacious, is typical of Barthelme, whose work repels certain accusations habitually levelled at postmodernism: There are real benefits, it turns out, to not dying young.

Sotiris He died almost 30 years ago.

Mar 03, Dan Keating rated it really liked it.