When using the Dynamix data collector and the Bump Test extension module, you can do the following: • Determine natural (or resonant) frequencies of a. This manual describes the Balancing extension module for the Dynamix data collector. You install the extension module with the Balancing Secure Digital . See Installing Optional Extension Modules on page 7 for installation instructions. When using the Dynamix data collector and the Time Recorder module.

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The new extension module appears in the list.

Connect with the best — locally and globally. Sign In or Register. Amber Solid An error has occurred during the recording. Find Product Certification Documents. When using the Dynamix data collector and the Time Recorder module, you can use as a data collector for real-time data acquisition and analysis.

Dynamix Data Collector User Manual. Level g The sensitivity of the transducer in millivolts mv per Engineering Units for channel Y. To review recorded measurements with your instrument, follow these steps. Fynamix tried Tezzco for repair of an enpac with dynzmix results but might try the datapac. Press F2 Yes to delete. The measurement analysis is performed on the recorded vibration dyynamix without spending hours of gas turbine drive time collecting data and resulting fuel consumption.

The Recorder – Taking Data screen appears. The appropriate Recorder screen appears. Data is stored on Non-Volatile storage: Follow these instructions to hide or show an extension module icon on the Dynamis Menu.

Start display at page:. Time is automatically calculated from the amount of free space available to store the data The method for initiating the data recording.

Press 0 Shift to display another set of functions. I know that there are more powerful analysis machines than the Enpacs out there but we have an Emonitor database of over 20 years holding us back from changing brands.


Quick 22500 Stratix Switch Configuration Important User Information Read this document and the documents listed in the additional resources section about installation, configuration, and operation.

Time Recorder Extension Module for the Dynamix 2500 Data Collector

Dynmix the appropriate filename or select all to delete all the files. I have one that I used for years but needs a battery and a calibration. The sensitivity value is included with the transducer s documentation or it may be imprinted on the side of the transducer.

Set Up Time Recorder Measurements Follow these instructions to set up the time recorder measurements. Below are examples of how you can use the Time Recorder module: Once you have updated the OS firmware, install the latest version of your optional extension modules.

Time is automatically calculated from the amount of free space available to store the data. Use Emonitor software for predictive maintenance analysis. Stratix Network Address Translation. After installing your device, locate the serial More information.

Dynamix Data Collector – dB Vib Instrumentation

The Recorder – Load Setup screen appears. Has anyone used the Rockwell -Dyanamix data collector? Press F1 Print to print the screen. Software Use Emonitor software for predictive maintenance analysis. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Depending where you are in the dynamic, the Save function either saves set-up parameters, or saves the set-up parameters and the recorded data. The extension modules that are hidden are shown in [square brackets] Dynamiix F2 Hide toggles between Hide and Show depending if the selected extension module is hidden or not.

When the recording ends, the Recorder – Save Data screen automatically appears, allowing you to save the recording to a file. On a ship propulsion system, which uses large amounts of fuel, you can start the time recorder, run the ship up to full speed, run five minutes at full speed, and then coast-down. Press F2 Card to create and save the. This makes the extension module available to be transferred between units.


In Preview mode, the screen continuously updates to display the channel s live time waveform signal and overall vibration reading. Review Dyjamix lets you review saved Time Recorder data. Press F3 Internal to save the. The appropriate Recorder – Save screen appears. Select a parameter value and press the Left arrow. If you need to adjust the set-up parameters, press F1 Back to return to the Setup screen.

They can support your predictive maintenance efforts and provide key machinery vibration diagnostics. Describes how determine natural or resonant frequencies of a machine or structure.

Reproduction of the contents of this manual, in whole or in part, without written permission of Rockwell Automation, Inc. New Product Satisfaction Return Rockwell Automation tests all of its products to ensure that they are fully operational when shipped from the manufacturing facility.

Time Recorder Extension Module for the Dynamix Data Collector – PDF

These extension modules are licensed and ordered separately from the basic entry level product. The final product configuration depends on the model at the point.

Micro Programmable Controllers Bulletin Selection Guide Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment. User Manual DeviceNet Network Configuration Important User Information 2050 equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical equipment.

Select the file you want to recall and press F3 Open.