A prime example of this type of historical novel is Miguel. Delibes’ El hereje ( ). Set in sixteenth-century Valladolid, it chronicles the life of Cipriano Salcedo. El hereje has ratings and reviews. Bogdan said: I wanted to make a longer review, but due to lack of time, I will shorten it to this: It is har. Editions for El hereje: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), by Miguel Delibes First published

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I’ve been hovering between two and three stars for this book, shame you can’t do halves!! Doble Malta rated it it was ok Feb 22, That he is destined to get mixed up with all that is also made clear from early on, as Cipriano even notes that he was born on the same day as the Reformation: Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

The history in this book is interesting, they way people lived, what they believed in, doctors methods of curing ills and deciding if a woman is able to conceive. Once he has finished his studies Cipriano takes over his by then dead father’s business, and becomes a successful entrepeneur. The book can be summed up as, “There was a very interesting man who had a normal life until, late in the book, he fell in with people who had a slightly different religious viewpoint than the people in power, and the whole town turned out to watch him be burned at the stake.

Mariola rated it it was ok Apr 09, Paperbackpages. Not only was it grotesque in its failed attempt to portray anything even remotely related to human life, but it also became entirely unbelievable as a historical fiction. To ask other readers questions about El herejeplease sign up. Valladolid and the surrounding area are lovingly and evocatively described in the book, and Delibes artfully uses the changes and growth of the city in the narrative; throughout, Valladolid is an integral part of the novel.


In the final section Delibes nicely presents the fatalistic outlook — and the bizarre near-normality of the proceedings — in the face of the outrageous suppression of any thought inimical to the prevailing doctrine. The Heretic – Canada. As someone tells him: Over a hundred pages long, this part of the book only covers Cipriano’s childhood and early teen years.

The Heretic (El Hereje)

On the day that Martin Luther nails the 95 theses on a church door So far I have noticed that all the books which take place in the middle ages or even later are the ones that I have disliked. Cipriano is an interesting character, marked less by his father’s mistreatment than the loss of his one true love, Minervina.

It doesn’t quite work — the small child doesn’t really understand or appreciate the use of the catechism and the rest, but he does aim to please. I wish I could love every book that passes through my hands but I have to come one I dislike now and then. Here and later Delibes uses him as a case-study of the changing economic and business-environment in the Spain of that time, the sort of historical colour that helps add texture to the novel without ever sounding too much like it’s pieced together from a textbook.

Their relationship — a striking variation on the Oedipal theme — is torn asunder relatively early on, and he is unable to find Minervina again until near the end of his life. Still, from the first, his embrace of religion isn’t wholehearted but rather slightly sceptical. From the start his father abandons him and he is under the care of his wet-nurse Minervina.

The Heretic (El Hereje) : Miguel Delibes :

His transition to the Lutheran faith was barely apparent and lacked any sense of passion required from an individual arrested for heresy. I wanted to make a longer review, but due to lack of time, I will shorten it to this: Trivia About El hereje.

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Luther, Calvin, and the like. Refresh and try again. The argument here is not so much that Cipriano has made a superior choice, but that those in power have abused it — much like, for kiguel, the Hhereje show-trials of the 20th century. El hereje – US. Historically the novel is accurate, As a theology student I had to study the Inquisition, Reformation and Counter-Reformation in detail and Delibes gets that down excellently but I just could not appreciate the story.

Bernardo has chosen to dislike his infant son, tolerating him only out of a sense of paternal obligation — and Cipriano returns the favour by always wailing when he is in his presence. The Heretic is a three-part novel, beginning with ‘The Early Years’. Mar 07, Matt rated it it was ok.

Jennifer Kraft rated it it was ok Jul 27, Years later, Cipriano wants to increase what amounts to the minimum wage of his workers, but learns quickly that his unilateral act would do greater harm to ddlibes larger community than the gains it would offer to the select few.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. It’s an odd but plausible relationship, eventually shattering over their inability to conceive a child.

The title of the novel suggests — and the English subtitle reinforces the idea — that The Heretic is very much A Novel of the Inquisition. The book isn’t miyuel surprising, but it is also far from predictable, a confident writer taking his time — while keeping the reader in suspense — in leading to his conclusions. Alexandra rated it it was ok Oct 21, The Heretic by Miguel Delibes.