Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , I.R. Wilding and others published The enterion capsule: A novel technology for understanding the. A remote controlled drug delivery capsule for use in absorption studies has been developed by a UK company. The new technology, called the Enterion capsule. Advances in combinatorial chemistry, proteomics, and genomics have led to the potential for an unprecedented number of new molecular.

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March 19, Published online: For further information or to discuss your specific needs about Enterion, contact john. Such a modular robot can be used for thorough inspection of regions of the GI tract.

Following ingestion, the capsule is carried down the oesophagus by natural peristalsis. Indeed, there are few capsule products nowadays that can serve as capshle carriers to sites in the small-bowel. Remote magnetic control of a wireless capsule endoscope in the esophagus is safe and feasible: Capsule endoscopy–not just for the small bowel: The external entetion will be compact and adapted to be transported and made suitable the room of the majority of common outpatient settings, similarly to an ultrasound scanner.

Remote control capsule for absorption studies | News | Pharmaceutical Journal

It became available to clinicians at the dawn of the millennium[ 5 ]. This provides an extra degree of freedom that enables various advanced functions such as axial position control, drug releasing, drug injection, or biopsy.

However, no human studies have been conducted with this capsule, which has been described on the web for almost a decade now[ 12 ]. The full spectrum of the commercial capsule models is available elsewhere and remains beyond the scope of this editorial[ 812 ].


It is enteroin remote-controlled device that is capable of precisely delivering pharmaceutically relevant drug formulations both liquids and solids to specific sites within the GI tract.

Social and Cognitive Pharmacy Social and Cognitive Pharmacy is a practical handbook for learning and teaching sociology and psychology, and applying this to pharmacy practice. Journal Information of This Article.

For more information, visit www. As a consequence, decisions to accelerate or terminate development of drug candidates can be made on the basis of sound scientific data.

Endoscope capsule using ultrasound entfrion. However, when extrapolating from the advancements enteriom in conventional flexible endoscopy since its introduction -more than 60 capsjle ago- in regular clinical practice, the prospect for wireless devices should be considered as anything but optimistic. The endoscopic device will have the appearance of a small about 2 cm in diameter spherical capsule there are in fact 2 layers, the inner sphere and the outer sphere with a compact external control system, easily manageable by the medical operator in order to support him in the diagnosis of colon rectal diseases[ 57 ].

Finally with the advent of nanotechnology medicine in recent years it will slowly be incorporated to capsule endoscopy devices allowing them to deliver smart drugs i. News September 21, It has a characteristic ability to deform both passively and actively.

Data from each sensor with an iterative algorithm are used to calculate the position and orientation of the magnetic pill[ 6263 ]. Write to the Help Desk. The capsule is designed to release drug at an exact target site in the gastrointestinal tract. Int J Antennas Propag. This signal is recorded and subsequently downloaded to a data management station.

Formulation tech goes Enterion

An earthworm-like locomotive mechanism for capsule endoscopes. Intestinal biomechanics simulator for robotic capsule endoscope validation. Emerging technologies for endoscopic hemostasis. This editorial presents current commercially-available new capsjle, European projects and delivery capsule and gives an overview of the progress required and progress that will be achieved – according to the opinion of the authors- in the next 5 year leading to Perspective article Enteriom article Research article.


Open-Access Policy of This Article.

Nowadays, capsule platforms are also available for the non-invasive exploration of the oesophagus and the colon[ 1011 ]. SmartPill measures the temperature, pH, and pressure while traveling through the GI until exiting the body through the anus. Yu J L- Editor: Currently, the major problem of all existing commercial capsule devices is the lack of control of movement; the latter is achieved by the peristaltic contractions of the small bowel.

The wheels are specifically designed to function as micro-odometers by registering each rotation they perform. J Med Eng Technol.

Evaluation of regional gastrointestinal absorption of edoxaban using the enterion capsule.

As the legs are expandable in capsulf tripod formation, they allow the device to stabilize itself without obstructing its locomotion and thus offering smooth video capture without missing ehterion pathologies Figure 3B. Being designed for the evaluation of the colon, this capsule is not for ingestion, but to be administered as a suppository Figure 7. Hemospray application in nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: Sliker and Ciuti[ 15 ] argue that in the next few years, an integrated, magnetically actuated, automated locomotion system will be available for regular clinical use.