This kit provides all of the necessary materials to conduct the EPA A test. It can be used to analyze finished drinking water, drinking water in any stage for. EPA Method a – Screening for Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Perchlorination and Gas Chromatography. Analyzer Description. Configuration: 1-capillary. Subsequently, the LabCert program has only offered certification for the analysis of PCBs in drinking water by EPA method A. Method A, and s.

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Extract of rogentwatar tpiked at 0. The QCS is generated from a source of reagents different than those used to prepare the primary mmethod standards and the calibration standard and is used to check laboratory performance. Stock standard solutions should be checked frequently for signs of epx or evaporation, especially just prior to preparing calibration standards from them. Immediately place the exit tube into the concentrator tube containing the sample extract.

When such samples are analyzed, chloroform will affect the method detection limit for 1,2-dichloroethane. Repeat shaking and venting until pressure release is not observed.

Perform a third extraction with 60 ml of ethyl ether in the same manner. Trap failure is characterized 50a8 a pressure drop in excess of 3 pounds per square inch across the trap during purging. If negative peaks epx early in the chromatogram, increase the dry purge time to 5 min. Allow the flask to stand, unstoppered, for about 10 min and weigh to the nearest 0. The LRB is used to determine if method analytes or other interferences are present in the laboratory environment, the reagents, or the apparatus.

Table 1 lists retention times observed for method analytes using the columns and analytical conditions described below. The columns used in this method may well be adequate, however, no data were collected for these constituents during methods development.


Analyze all samples within 14 days of collection. Graves – MethodRevision 2. Collect eluate in K-D tube. National Pesticide Survey Method No. After wetting the column with about 0.

EPA Method 508A Screening for Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Perchlorination

It is recommended that sample matrix effects be evaluated at least quarterly using the QCS described in Special thanks and appreciation are due to Patricia L. Therefore, each should be treated as a potential health hazard, and exposure should be reduced to the lowest feasible level.

Data presented in this method were generated using the internal standard calibration procedure. At the proper rate of distillation the balls of the column will actively chatter, but the chambers will not flood. Some of metyod analytes listed in the Scope of Method The transfer is complete after approximately four min.

Transfer the rinse to the Florisil column leaving silicic acid in the tube. This net weight in grams is equivalent to the volume in mL methof water extracted Sect.

If you have suggestions for improvement, we would enjoy hearing from you. Calculate accuracy as percent recovery X- – If the recovery of any analyte falls outside the control limits see Sect. Prepare a stock solution of Aroclor at 5. It is recommended that sample transfers and glass surface contacts be minimized. Cool and store in a desiccator. Reagent water used to generate the validation data in this method was distilled water obtained from the Magnetic Springs Water Co.

EPA Method a – Screening for Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Perchlorination and Gas Chromatography

The fortified concentration should not be less then the background concentration of the sample selected for fortification. Vials — to mL amber glass with Teflon-lined screw caps. The extent of matrix interferences will vary considerably from source to source depending upon the water sampled. An oil bath heater should not be substituted for the block digester.

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Conditioning includes the processing of LFB and LFM samples containing moderate concentration levels of these analytes. For those compounds that meet the acceptable criteria, performance is considered acceptable and sample analysis may begin. With this column, modification to the column ID and carrier qas flow rate will adversely, affect resolution.

It will be necessary to prepare more than one solution and to increase the concentration of some of the contaminants proportional to the instrument detection limits if all of the analytes in Sect. The gas will rapidly dissolve in the methanol. For those compounds that fail these criteria, this procedure must be repeated using four fresh samples until satisfactory performance has been demonstrated. Analyze SE-1 in duplicate, then proceed to 9.

Interferes with trans-l,3-dichloropropene and 1,1,2-trichloroethane on the column.

The following conditions were used to generate the single-laboratory accuracy and precision data listed in Sect. Bubble diazomethane through the second sample extract for 1 min.

Chloroform and methylene chloride have been tentatively classified as known or suspected human or mammalian carcinogens. Commercially prepared stock standards can be used at any concentration if they are certified by the manufacturer or by an independent source. The primary dilution standards should be prepared at concentrations that 580a be easily diluted to prepare aqueous calibra- tion standards Sect. Methods developed for drinking water include provisions for removal of free chlorine dechlorination which is assumed to be present in all samples.

Available from Aldrich Chemical Co. Interferences may be caused by contaminants in solvents reagents, glassware, and other sample processing equipment.