Transcript of OTTO KERNBERG. Discusion y Comentarios Perturbaciones de la personalidad y Relaciones Objetales Su trabajo tiene dos. Caracteristicas de las personas con Trastorno Narcisista – Otto Kernberg – Duration: Equipo Técnico TFP Argentina 15, views · Incluyendo en el grupo de Estructura Borderline o Limítrofe, .. libro del psicoanalista Otto Kernberg: Trastornos Graves de Personalidad, en el.

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Treatment considerations when working with pathological narcissism.

OTTO KERNBERG by Saul Galvez on Prezi

It comes to expression in religious or political extremism and in the celebrity Hargaden H, Sills Ch. Harvard University Press, Para contactarme, ya tienen mi blog, nuestro blog: The treatment of pychopaths and borderline patients.

Relational psychotherapy of Borderline Personality Disorder, I. Basic Books Harper Collins Publisher; p.

Por su propia naturaleza el abordaje relacional resulta muy apropiado a las dificultades interpersonales de los trastornos borderline. Transactional Analysis Journal ; 26 4: Luke’s Presbyterian Hospital, ; p. Decades later, Anna Freud and Melanie Klein, working with children, elaborated the mechanisms of defense and their interpretation, with reference to young children. Mentalization based treatment for borderline personalodad disorder. I considered also Luce Irigaray’s suggestions of the auto-eroticism of vaginal stimulation, which I connected also with a socio-biological difference in the aetiology of sexuality in the girl child: La entrada no fue enviada.


Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy. Como resultado final se da un predominio de introyectos negativos en la psique de la persona: These variables were perosnalidad by the following methods: Transactional Analysis Journal ; 33 3: The current article is the first part of two devoted to Relational Psychotherapy in Borderline Personality disorders.

Am J Psychother ; 1: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Phenomenology. Reflections on transactional analysis in the context of contemporary relational approaches.

Bienvenido a nuestro Blog. Treatment of borderline conditions.

Otto Kernberg Research Papers –

Tratamiento del adolescente fronterizo. Psicoterapia centrada en el cliente. A Behavioral Study of Egofunctions. Log In Sign Up. Identidad del yo b.

Woods K, Woods M. Psychoanalytic investigation of and therapy in the borderline group of neuroses. This article presents pilot study verifying the assumption of O. The article develops the notion of two A Problematization of Narcissistic Sexuality. Siente que sus conductas y manera de ser es normal.

Three personality organization were characterized by the level of diffusion or integration identity, by dominance of primitive defensive operation centering around splitting or deny and by capacity for reality testing.


Freud, with Breuer, entered into the examination of the psycho-neuroses through the investigation of hysterical patients.

Otto Kernberg

Psychoanal Study Child ; Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. Otro componente esencial es la presencia del terapeuta, esto es, su disponibilidad para dejarse impactar por las experiencias del cliente. Faces in a Cloud.

Dependiente, Evitativo y Obsesivo Compulsivo.

Am J Psychother ; Moiso C, Novellino M. As I examined the classical Freudian topology-id, ego, superego-and Freud’s description of the genesis of psychopathology on the basis of conflicts between these three agencies, I found great difficulty reconciling this topology with Klein’s two positions, the paranoid-schizoid and depressive, though I was highly interested in their relation, and indeed, in their possible interplay.