Cervical ectropion, or cervical ectopy, is when the soft cells (glandular cells) that line the inside of the cervical canal spread to the outer surface of your cervix. Glandular cells are red, so the area may look red. heard it called cervical erosion, but it is now called cervical ectropion or cervical eversion. The cervix, the lower fibromuscular portion of the uterus, measures cm in to the eversion of the columnar epithelium onto the ectocervix, when the cervix . by the columnar epithelium (sometimes referred to as glandular epithelium).

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This condition is sometimes referred to as cervical erosion. A thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the cervix is absolutely essential for effective colposcopic practice.

The endocervical canal is lined by the columnar epithelium sometimes referred to as glandular epithelium. Not to be confused with Ectropion. More Sign up for our newsletter Discover in-depth, condition specific articles written by our in-house team.

For this reason, the doctor will need to rule out cervical cancer if a woman’s cervix looks redder or more inflamed than usual. After the procedure, your cervix will need time to heal. The crypts may traverse as far as mm from the surface of the cervix. Even so, it can cause problems for some women. Professionally-verified articles Daily or weekly updates Content custom-tailored to your needs Create an account. The metaplastic process mostly starts at the original squamocolumnar junction and proceeds centripetally towards the external os through the reproductive period to perimenopause.

Squamous metaplasia may progress at varying rates in different areas of the same cervix, and hence many areas of widely differing maturity may be seen in the metaplastic squamous epithelium with or without islands of columnar epithelium. Ectropion becomes much more pronounced during pregnancy. We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes.


This complex architecture, consisting of mucosal folds and crypts, gives the columnar epithelium a grainy appearance on visual inspection. The eversoon typically resolves itself on its own, and many women may not even know they have it. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. When the cells are repeatedly destroyed by vaginal acidity in the columnar epithelium in an area of ectropion, they are eventually replaced by a newly formed metaplastic epithelium.

The veins of the cervix run parallel to the arteries and glanvular into the hypogastric venous plexus. The cells on the ‘outside’ of the cervix are called squamous epithelial cells.

Get the most out of Medical News Today. Learn more in our Privacy Policy. Having cervical ectropion does not mean a woman has chlamydia.

Fossa of vestibule of vagina Vaginal fornix Hymen Vaginal rugae Support structures Vaginal epithelium. Casey PM et al. cedvical

Cervical ectropion – Wikipedia

Here’s why it happens and how to find relief. After menopause through old age, the cervix shrinks with the decreasing levels of estrogen.

They produce more mucus and tend to bleed easily. Evrrsion red, inflamed appearance of the cervix in women who have cervical ectropion may look similar to early signs of cervical cancer. Ectocervix is covered by a pink stratified squamous epithelium, consisting of multiple layers of cells and a reddish columnar epithelium consisting of a single layer of cells lines the endocervix.

Cervical ectropion

cervicxl This page was printed from: Sao Paulo Medical Journal2— The cervix is the lower fibromuscular portion of the uterus. On the other hand, if this process is arrested for some reason or incomplete, the original squamocolumnar junction will be located distal to the external os or may rarely be located on the vaginal walls, particularly involving the anterior and posterior fornices.

This epithelium may be native to the site formed during embryonic life, which is called the native or original squamous epithelium, or it may have been newly formed as metaplastic squamous epithelium in early adult life. The metaplastic epithelium adjacent to the squamocolumnar junction is composed of immature metaplasia, and the mature metaplastic epithelium is found near the original squamocolumnar junction.


However, the cervix of a woman with cervical ectropion may look similar to that of a woman with early-stage cervical cancer.

Cervical Ectropion (Cervical Erosion) | Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

glandulad Occasionally, multiple polyps may arise from the columnar epithelium. Home About cervical cancer Cervical ectropion Cervical ectropion cervical erosion.

This will also help prevent infection.

In the past, you might have heard it called cervical erosion, but it is now called cervical ectropion or cervical eversion. It usually begins as a localized enlargement of a single columnar papilla and appears as a cetvical as it enlarges.

Ectropion refers to the eversion of the columnar epithelium onto the ectocervix, when the cervix grows rapidly and enlarges under the influence of estrogen, after menarche and during pregnancy. Adnexa Ovaries Follicles corpus hemorrhagicum luteum albicans Theca of follicle externa interna Follicular antrum Follicular fluid Corona radiata Zona pellucida Membrana granulosa Perivitelline space.

But, without magnesium, vitamin D may not function properly. This is initially seen as a single layer of small, round cells with darkly staining nuclei, situated very close to the nuclei of columnar cells, which further proliferate to produce a reserve cell hyperplasia Figure 1.

If symptoms are bothersome, cauterization is usually an cerviczl treatment. The cuboidal epithelium remaining here will undergo squamous metaplasia.

Ectropion or ectopy is defined as the presence of everted endocervical columnar epithelium on the ectocervix. Cervical ectropion is when the glandular cells appear on the outside of the cervix. A new, large-scale genomic analysis suggests that having a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes may cause erectile dysfunction.