One of the great things about running Ex3 for a bunch of Exalted noobs is that they have only read the Ex3 core and maybe one or two old. Eitxided, Exalted the Lunare, Exalted the Ahvssals, I¿alarmes ef Divinitv, Creatures ai” the Wvld, Exalted Stu ture material ftrr Exalted, Ruins pf Rathess is an. Documents Similar To Ruins of Rathess. Time of Tumult, Exalted 1e. Uploaded by. HeavensThunderHammer. Bastions of the North. Uploaded by.

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Rathess was one of the first cities ever constructed by mortalsand is the last remaining stronghold of the Dragon Kings before their apparent extinction at the end o the Second Age. There would be fewer factions to deal with, the scope would be a little smaller, and it would be more focused on the celestials’ legacy of hubris and less on the consequences of the contagion.

Plus, you get a day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. JavaScript is currently disabled. I don’t know about Filial Wisdom, but I never really liked him anyway. The fair folk could still work, because they can pop up just about anywhere. Not so sure about the goddess of cutting out hearts.

Ruins of Rathess

There was this giant vortex of death – a solar circle working that created a constant supernatural storm over a hundred or so square miles of the mountains south of Icehome. Their city is also still rich in First Age wonders, as the inhabitants were once masters of organic and crystalline Magitech, and there may even be relics dating back to before the Primordial War.

Help Contact Us Go to top. A bunch of the gods could still fit. This pyramid stands on the Way of the Sun, six rafhess west of the Great Pyramid. You should check them out. Any ideas, suggestions, or potential pitfalls come to mind?


Ruins of Rathess | Exalted | Obsidian Portal

But Han-Tha was a wily parasite, eathess had held Filial Wisdom back for his own protection. There’s lightning, no visibility, it’s patrolled by some huge metal death-monster, probably an imprisoned elemental dragon or something.

The Dragon Kings venerated their other gods here; those that were less than the Unconquered Sun. I would definitely drop Filial Wisdom. Might skip the First Age Tombs.

They secured a lucrative trade deal with Chaya, as well as military pacts with the Marukani Horselords and the Hawkriders of Mount Metagalapa, but the more powerful Riverlands nations like Lookshy ezalted Great Forks remained frustratingly neutral. Ascendant campaigns can view previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions.

With Filial Wisdom defeated and the cannibals dispersed, the fugitive slaves moved into Rathess, welcomed by the first civilized Dragon Kings of the age.

I don’t even know. As recruiting began, he met with the Maiden — now a general of Zion — and the rahtess Exalts admitted their feelings for one another. Populace As mentioned above, the city is home to the last major congregation of Dragon Kingsbut few if any of them are sentient. Once awakened, these elders helped the Circle escape Rathess, but only with a pledge to return and help reclaim the city for their ancient race.

But they skipped all of it and dove into something that I hadn’t even begun to detail yet. Cashback within 3 days from shipment. Ruons your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

At first overjoyed to meet his fellow Chosen, Filial Wisdom soon realized they would not join rathdss his depravity and had the Circle locked up for later sacrifice. Unfortunately, this pillar supported a whole wing of the Pyramid of the Sun, which promptly buried Durandal alive.


However, the storm has ensured that most of them are broken from lack of maintenance, buried rujns tons of rubble, hidden somewhere, or all three, so I don’t think you need to worry fuins much about verisimilitude if the players start wondering why the place isn’t covered in wall to wall daiklaves.


The above used product classification has been solely undertaken by the seller. The largest structure in Rathess, the Pyramid of the Sun stands at the center of the city and was once the central temple of worship to the Unconquered Sun. The Mask of Winters slew her Deathlord, and the enemy of her enemy was her friend. Nevertheless, ruims Dragon Kings continued to reincarnate there, but lacked the society or infrastructure to regain if sentience, making it a place of echoing sadness and savage brutality for centuries before its final destruction.

Tepet Mela slipped his confines first, leading the Circle into the elaborate underways beneath Rathess. The Circle of Unbroken Fate managed to ambush the ancient Lunar alone to show they could. Give some xealted to how the Dragon Kings have been surviving in the underground areas. Arianna lifted the curse her predecessor Bright Shattered Ice had laid upon the land, laying No-Key to rest at last, and Durandal claimed the Demense for his knights.

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