It sure would be nice if Freewing would consider offering an F in 80, or 90mm size. Years ago, I had an LX models 70mm version. Buy low price, high quality rc f with worldwide shipping on F Nighthawk 70mm. RC Stealth Jet Plane. orangebutton buy now copy redbutton product spares. Description; More Images; Specifications; Video.

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With its two embedded bomb cabins, it can throw bombs in high speed flying by RC system. Wingspan mm 28″ Overall Length Advanced models with the RTF option may or may not come with a battery or charger.

Since there are no set parameters for packaging options in this hobby, different manufacturers may vary their definitions of what is included. Recommended all hobbyists with Basic to Advanced foamboard building skills.

It is based on the above formula.

LX-Model F Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 64mm EDF Electric RC Jet Airplane RTF – General Hobby

Now to use this formula you first need to convert your battery size from the common MilliAmpHours to AmpHours. Check all wires connecting to the receiver for soild connection.

ARF indicates that all the foam pieces along with the crucial components of aesthetic appearance and electronic components are included with the exception of the battery, balance charger, and radio system transmitter and receiver. What I didn’t know at the time is that I had the elevons reversed.

BlitzRCWorks F-117 Stealth Fighter RC EDF Jet

We installed the red and green lights that are lit solid on the front v117 the wing tips and the flashing white lights on the rear of the wing tips plus the tail, bottom blinker and landing lights.


That’s why I never ordered another one. All typographical errors are subject to correction. Banana Hobby is not responsible for typographical errors. I wanted to make a flag that looks like the bottom of the real F they used at Airshows. Note that this packaging option is recommended for beginners or first-time pilots.

dc Check for any loose screws anywhere screws are located. It was around orwhenever it first came on the scene. Almost Ready to Fly. The main difference is what is included in the package.

F stealth fighter – Hobby Squawk – RC Airplane and Helicopter Community

Home New Posts Today’s Topics. Some on-board electronics may be included with a KIT such as the electric retracts and will be noted on c117 specifications of the model. I bungeed mine, and belly landed it. Here is a simple formula that we have found to be commonly used in the RC Community to find the Maximun Constant T117 a Lipo Battery is capable to sustain.

New F Stealth Fighter Review. This not only gave us a good view of the plane at a good distance but it also served as a great way to tell the orientation of the plane. It had a bad ESC out of the box.

It ended up plowing into a chain link fence at full power. I got her ready for the maiden – so I thought. The RC plane features a simple flat wing but with a unique diamond shape. I managed to f1117 the plane, but that bird does NOT like to fly on one engine!!!

Check the control pushrod clevis to insure no cracks are visible and no clevis has come loose. Recommended all hobbyists with Basic to Advanced foam building skills. So when I hit full throttle and tried to rotate, f17 would not leave the ground.

Recommended to hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foam building and Flying skills.


BlitzRCWorks F-117 Stealth Fighter V2 RC EDF Jet

Also features dual air intake ducts, One large one on the Bottom and another one just aft of the fuselage on the top side. You can see where this is headed.

I took a lot of well deserved crap from the experts having a great laugh at my expense. The plane is a rock solid Flyer with awesome flight characteristics. I also had the SR High wing, slow trainers until I had a good grasp of the hobby. The cockpit was hinged to allow access to the battery bay. Hobby Squawk v2 I’d love one as well. Check all wires connecting to the receiver for solid connection.

Airplane most components preinstalled, some assembly required User manual Requires: With my LX version, I drove it into the ground on the 5th flight due to orientation The small size and wing shape can make it apt to having torque roll at launch. Thanks for your story, I enjoyed that.

Recommended hobbyists with Basic to Advanced foamboard building skills.

Children under the age of 14 must not operate this product alone. Mar 10th, I adopted the habit of rocking the wing to restore orientation if I plabe had a problem and flew for many flights after. It is fairly easy to build and has rock solid flight characteristics. After not being able to get anyone to answer emails or the phone, I said the hell with it and assembled the plane.

Pretty much a dog as far as speed. This plane is not recommended for beginner flyers.