Learn about panleukopenia, also called feline distemper, in cats, including risk factors, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Feline panleukopenia requires aggressive treatment if the cat is to survive, as this disease can kill cats in less than 24 hours. Learn about the veterinary topic of Overview of Feline Panleukopenia. (Feline infectious enteritis, Feline parvoviral enteritis) . Treatment and Prevention.

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The easer-to-use packaging is a vial with mcg per 1 ml, which can more easily be drawn into sterile syringes for a cat. Breaking through the virus: A negative test on parvo test kit does not trfatment FPV as the cause of illness.

This is due to mother having some antibodies and kittens lacking enough to protect themselves when they are weaning.

They are inexpensive, sensitive, easy to use, and will pick up cases before symptoms appear. The recommended way to kill the panleukopenia virus is to apply a dilute bleach solution 1-part bleach to 32 parts water to food bowls, litter pans, cages, and other surfaces during cleaning.

If the white count is suppressed considerably or the parvo test is positive, do not wait one minute, one hour, and one day. Treatment of canine parvoviral enteritis with interferon-omega in a placebo-controlled field trial.

The literature indicates that a booster of killed panleukopenia vaccine if given at one year of age after kitten series shots will still be effective 7. Be aggressive in treating FPV: We have found it almost impossible to insure. We concur with their vaccine protocol, particularly panleukoenia the shelter or rescue environment.

Feline panleukopenia – Wikipedia

March 23, Accepted: It affects mostly unvaccinated kittens and younger cats. It becomes a curable disease.


This is a dose of about 6 mcg per kg. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We rarely monitor bloods during treatment and often not at all. I have encountered about 30 cases. If there is a lot of vomiting, use only injectable antibiotics.

It has been shown to stimulate the white blood cell production and appears to prevent losses due to secondary infections in the third phase.

This is because the virus affects the infected cat’s immune system, leaving it vulnerable to secondary infection. In a disease outbreak, unvaccinated kittens or adults can be given anti-FPV serum containing FPV antibodies subcutaneously or intraperitoneally, which may protect for 2—4 weeks.

Keep at or below We move forward with treatment outlined here. Do not use the killed virus vaccine because it is too slow in building antibodies. In those cases, we treat them the same as a confirmed panleukopenia case.

However, fecal antigen is detectable only for a short time after infection. Disseminated intravascular coagulation may also occur, and is often fatal. Keep them on careful watch and if they continue to eat and thrive, you can modify their treatment as needed. In the first hours and days after breaking through, the feline needs a lot of nourishment in small and frequent meals of high quality foods. Repeating the parvo test after a day or two can give you an idea if your cat is coming down with FPV stronger positive on testing or dissipating from vaccine getting weaker on testing.

Starting from the first five domestic cats introduced on the island onthere were about 3, cats infeeding on the burrowing petrels instead of the mice, threatening to drive the birds to extinction. It has been postulated in parvo in dogs a similar virus the destruction of the intestinal crypt cells results in a breakdown in the normal protective intestinal barrier.


Their low WBC count can result in death due to secondary infection no matter what virus or condition is causing the neutropenia. The patients’ severe leukocytopenia predispose them to secondary infections, especially bacterial and fungal, though secondary viral infections also occur with some frequency. This is often key in diagnosing panleukopenia. We present a successful approach for treating feline panleukopenia, a fatal and highly contagious disease.

It may cause an elevated WBC count, but the alternative is a cat with deadly panleukopenia. J Vet Intern Med; A number of combination vaccines for several different diseases, including panleukopenia, are also available.

Successful Treatment of Feline Panleukopenia: A Guideline For Rescuers and Veterinarians, Part I

Even if a cat survives acute FPL, late complications such as cardiomyopathy and myocarditis can occur, though there have never been any reported cases of hematologic or gastrointestinal sequalae, and it seems that late myocarditis or cardiomyopathy is extremely rare in feline panleukopenia-affected cats. Views Read Edit View treatmeny. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Neutropenia is a more consistent finding than lymphopenia.

It is ok to do it. While many shelters like to use quaternary ammonium pankeukopenia for routine disinfection Roccal, Parvosol, Triple Two, Broadside, and A33this is not effective against FPV.

We then give full dose 3 weeks later at 8 weeks and repeat again at 12 weeks of age.