This is a list of all staff members at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Natural History Museum comprises the Botanic. Buy Funga Nordica. 2nd rev. & augmented ed. on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Welcome to. Nordsvamp. Nordsvamp is the publisher of Nordic Macromycetes vols. and Funga Nordica. At present these books are out of print. Plans for a.

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Between Volume 2 and Volume 1 — yes, it was last to appearNordsvamp published a comprehensive set of keys to the mushrooms of northern Europe — Nordic Macromycetes Volume 1: Series Collections Customer Help Sitemap.

Misidentifying Fungi: Funga Nordica

The first set is 10 artificial keys to genera. Go to Conservation Land Management. Unless you religiously keep up with the phylogenetic literature, many of the genus names likely will be unfamiliar and many familiar species will norsica in different genera than you are used to.

The disc also included PDF files of the Funga Nordica keys, allowing one to tote them on a laptop, rather than as a 5-lb book.

During compilation of Nordic Macromycetes Volume 2the editors and authors realized that it fell short of covering all the species known to occur in the subject area Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Go to British Wildlife. Inasmuch as it is unlikely we will have a comparable resource available for North America any time soon, Funga Nordica should be considered an important item for the library of anyone who attempts to identify a large proportion of the mushrooms s he finds here.

About this book Language: Fungi Europaei 12 Bernicchia, A.


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The Pemberley Bookshop Why not come and peruse our comprehensive range of natural history titles at our well stocked bookshop, where you can also receive our expert advice. In addition, the coverage was expanded to include species from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, northern Germany, northern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and northwestern Russia.

Front matter includes a list of the authors and their affiliations and addresses, sections on methods and presentation there are lots of abbreviations and other conventions the user needs to become familiar witha partially illustrated glossary, a description of vegetation zones and biogeographic provinces, maps of the geographic sub-areas of each of the five Nordic countries, a list of the abbreviations used when citing references to colored illustrations, and a discussion of the conservation status of fungi red lists and so forth, new in this edition.

This edition now includes the gastromycetes incl. Line drawings of spores and other microscopic features were included for many species and sources of photos were indicated. The final lead for each species includes a detailed description and accessory information, giving a daunting visual impression of massive leads that need to be digested in order to make your final dichotomous choice.

With the input of increasingly large amounts of molecular data, the taxonomy of the agarics is in rapid flux.

Funga Nordica (2-Volume Set) [English] | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

The added coverage raised the page count from to and caused the editors to split the content into two volumes for easier handling. Customer Reviews Review this book. Here, a system based on a recent well regarded phylogeny Matheny et al. Log-in Register My Basket: Though not cheap, dunga provides good value.

Book Review

Gunga the planned reprint will be completed soon and, when it is finished, perhaps we can convince the editors and authors to similarly revise and update Nordic Macromycetes Volumes 1 and 3! During compilation of Nordic Macromycetes Volume 2the editors and authors realized that it fell short of covering all the species known to occur in the subject area Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.


These were produced by a consortium of experts from the area and included considerable detail such that the species were fairly well described. Full details can be provided on request. These are followed by a key to the six orders recognized — Polyporales, Gloeophyllales, Russulales, Boletales, Hymenochaetales, and Agaricales.

Unfortunately, there no longer is an indication of species that are illustrated in MycoKey see below. Theme Oxley Nepal Slate Thistle. Microfungi on Land Plants.

The rest of the entry provides a detailed description of the macro- and microscopic features, followed by references to other sources of illustrations and descriptions, and a symbol to indicate those species illustrated in MycoKey see below.

Written by 49 experts from 16 European countries, this enlarged and updated second edition of Funga Nordica now comprises descriptions and keys to species of basidiomycetes from northern Europe, distributed in nodrica.

View events that we are attending here. Polyporales, Boletales, Agaricales, Russulalesand Volume 3: Rather than simply reprint it, the editors and national coordinators decided that a revised and expanded edition should be prepared.

Book Review Funga Nordica: But, in fact, the actual key lead extends only to the first full stop, making things much easier than they appear.