Gackt-Jihaku is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for Full Metal Panic, Anime X-overs, X-overs, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and Final Fantasy VII. Jihaku – Platinum Box V – Calendar – Moon Child TLA Release – Dears Fanclub Vol. – Gackt Globals Vol. 1 – Kissmark Vol. Camui Gackt – J I H A K U — For the scans of this magazine ENGINE June , I thank subtlepresence – [link] Unfortunately I did not do so.

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The more you hate the more you love. Sep 16, Ardis added it. A Turn of Seasons: Tseng is determined to change that.

Jihaku : Gackt

But I will say this, there is no reason to make the comments as they are. Note for those sent here in my reviews or people just stopping by, too He was trying to repair the damage to his life and further his career.

Also, the translation is just that — a loose translation of a Japanese book. Family Matters by dave-d reviews Kaname and Sousuke married, and with children.

Nov 25, Jezzyka rated it really liked it. Full Metal Panic by Yukino1 reviews Will Chidori and Sousuke be able to over come their obstacles and finally be together? What wasn’t explained is how they met in a tiny college in Michigan, years later.


The kind of car that I like and the kind of girl that I like are very close, I think. Sara rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Infact it inspired me to read Jihaku, thanks. Now i see how fake it all looked. The ijhaku side of me needed some moosh.

Of Gackt and Mana-sama. All ficlets are the arc, “Trioverse”. I mean when he told the story about being attacked at the age of 16 and you said why couldnt he have died?

I am not a Gackt fan. Shiroi Ouji said this on August 10, at T – English – Humor – Chapters: Yes, I AM open-minded. I find no difficulty in turning someones words against them…especially when the words were initially in another language.

I may not appreciate what has been said but I believe in what being able to critize and state an opinion. I highly doubt it.

I bet most of the ppl here who adore Malice Mizer would be, Malice Mizer what? Good for me though. Debbie rated it it was amazing Jun 28, I accept constructive criticism and praise, but that’s beside the point Tetris by Victoria Hughes reviews Fumoffu based: I would love to talk to him face to face and pound some sense into that beautiful head of his. All texts in this site are authored by Shiroi Ouji and images are downloaded from the web unless stated otherwise.


You know it hurts to trash Gackt. But Mana-sama is a very good sing and he nice maybe u jast dont saw him. I copied them verbatim. In which Chidori and Sagara go to the arcade.

Jihaku : Gackt : Gakuto : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I was gacot curious to know something about this talented man, and wanted to know it all at first hand, and so decided to read ‘Jihaku’. Demencya rated it really liked it Jun 15, When writing lyrics, I want to use Japanese to its utmost.

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