JStove is back with another Necromunda breakdown. This time he’s going over the pros and cons of the recently revealed Genestealer Cults to. Now that the rules for GSC have leaked, let’s share ideas and opinions on what stands out. All in all, I think they are a strong gang and have. So forge world just put up a list to use Gene stealer cults in Necromunda. So just wondering what are peoples thoughts? Are they a good group.

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Gangers mostly with Autoguns, but a couple of Shotguns. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search.

Genestealer Cult tease on Necromunda website? : Warhammer40k

Basically if you build a list that’s legal in Kill Team it’ll be legal in Necromunda, but if you build a list that’s legal in Necromunda, xult may not be legal in Kill Team. Goliath have move 4 and an even stronger Aberrant has a move of 5. The Heavy Stubber is still the ultimate long range crowd control device, but this gang does not appear to be built for long range.

They also did not alter the wound stat of the Acolyte which is 1.


[Necromunda] Genestealer cults. – Forum – DakkaDakka

Like the Adept, their gear options seem highly unusual, and not great. Necromuhda may have destroyed one of the hives, but nothing says they got all the cultists. I think it’ll be great when you have credits to spend, but a bit expensive at gang creation. Take the Aberrant as an example. Followed up with coup de grace, bye bye multi wound models. You thought chem thrower with chem synth was good?

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. There was also a question about what happened to Neophytes can take heavy weapons. Also, the Heavy Weapon hybrids from the Neophyte kit are technically counted as “hybrid acolytes” in the necromunda list, because the acolytes and nevromunda are the only ones who can take the Heavy guns.

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How do you know that the hangers-on table is not an intended advantage, representing the cult’s high levels of influence over people? It’s an incredible control tool.

Search anything and hit enter. Fairly average stat line, and diverse but non-ideal loadout options, redeemed by interesting abilities that replace their starting skill.


I actually have a box of them, hoping I would get inspired as I was looking at the sprues…but they just sort of fell flat for me. So, in your eyes, any disadvantage is an “error”?

You can dual-wield weapons from the pistol weapon category.

It is a brute like a Goliath. We houseruled this immediately when we began our campaign. Overwatch as the icing on the cake – the rule states that if you necromunxa with your reaction attack, you cancel their activation.

Are they a good group to take? Approaching age 60, minus my first tender 14 years, give or take. Flying beasties that people used to use as counts-as winged rippers. Submit a new genestaler. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. But are the lists for them going to be able to match up? Not what I was expecting. Looking forward to seeing what everyone elses’ thoughts are!

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