Solved: Hello, when I first joined GiffGaff I cut up my Sim into a Microsim using a template that I found on here as a guide. I now need to do that. Solved: Does anyone have a link to a microsim cutting template that I can print out? If found this link on the forums, but there is no file;. Made a quick giffgaff themed template for cutting your sim for iPhone 4:) http://

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First, a word on the different sizes. For more information please see the comment policy.

If you ism to put it back together, it is easily snaps back together. Keep your number Ask your current network provider for a PAC code. Also some shops will cut sims ccutting you. The standard size is sometimes referred to as a Mini SIMwhich seems odd given it is the largest of its type. The following guide is meant for anyone wanting to reduce the size of their standard Cuttting card to a Micro or Nano Size.

Do you need help with something? Unlock your phone If your phone is locked to another network, you will need to get it unlocked. Let’s Work Together Do you need help with something? I was laughing and rubbing my hands together. This site uses cookies More info No problem.


To hire me see the page about my services.

Comments The Mini Sim is actually not igffgaff largest of its type, its just the largest currently available. To hold the SIM in its viffgaff I found it best to use double sided sellotape or some other double side self adhesive. I finished the edges with sandpaper to file down the plastic. Learn how your comment data is processed. Once you have drawn the pencil lines, use a ruler and sharp knife to score lines as a pilot guide.

I am, and the following link is useful in identifying what sized SIM your device uses. Excellent and very relevant information on Nano Sim this has give me the complete understanding of Sim Cards. The point is that you probably want to keep using the same business mobile phone number in different phones.

Alternatively, use a strong pair of scissors kitchen scissors are good to cut along the pencil lines. If it is loose, use super glue. Read more about me and follow me on Twitter.

Micrk, spammy or abusive comments will gidfgaff be tolerated. The flaw in this blog post is that it assumes you want to make your SIM smaller. Carphone Warehouse does it in the UK I believe. If you want to try a tiny amount of blu-tack, make sure you press the plastic card firmly down onto the paper. Are you an Apple user? Previous to the mini sim, sim cards were full sized — the same size as a credit or debit card.


I hope they continue updating the page with their latest models with information about the SIM size.

Resize Your Phone SIM Card: Free Printable Cutting Guide (PDF)

Watch video on on YouTube. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m on YouTube aswell. Or you might buy an unlocked phone and realise the SIM you want to insert into it is too big.

Resize Your Phone SIM Card: Free Printable Cutting Guide (PDF)

Join the giffgaff community. Standard, Micro and Nano.

Read the privacy policy. When I cut the plastic, I erred on the side of caution by not taking too much off. Your email address won’t be shared. In this post, you can download a free printable guide.