Gregory Possehl. The second, revised edition of this magisterial work by a leading Indus scholar and synthesizer of the many theories about ancient Indus times. Gregory L. Possehl, Ph.D † Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania Curator Emeritus, Asian Section, University of. Gregory L. Possehl’s 3 research works with citations and reads, including: The transformation of the Indus Civilization. Gregory L. Possehl has expertise.

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Poasehl Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society By averaging these dates for each of these period an estimate for their chronological “center point” can be obtained. A reassessment in light of recent archaeological work in Gujarat.

Selected pages Title Page. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It posseyl that there was no significant climatic change in either the second or third millennium in the Subcontinent which might run counter to events in pozsehl parts of Asia. An introduction to environment, subsistence, and cultural history. These considerations begin with the establishment of village farming communities and the role of food production in the processes that lead to urban life.

Possehl, Gregory L., Ph.D

Seuss, dies at This long paper discusses the South Asian data, presents a large number of radiocarbon dates for the transition between the Mature Harappan and the Post-urban Phase, which is now dated to B. Joshi, Jagat Pati ed.


International Science Publisher Seafaring merchants of Meluhha. Feinman and Joyce Marcus, eds. He traces the rise and fall of this civilization, examines the economic, architectural, artistic, religious, and intellectual components of this culture, describes its most famous sites, and shows the relationships between the Indus Civilization and the other cultures of its time. The chronology of prehistoric India: Climate and the eclipse of the ancient cities of the Indus. The site contains poasehl largest and best preserved Bronze Age cemetery in the region gregorj well as a series of 3rd millennium habitation areas featuring large, circular structures known as “towers.

Gregoory a sourcebook for scholars, a textbook for archaeology students, and an informative volume for the lay reader, The Indus Civilization will be an exciting and informative read.

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A notice of early twentieth century commerce between Philadelphia and India. Indian Archaeology, A Review: There is a great need for such a book South Asian Studies 6: Possehl, 70, associate director of the University Museum from to and chairman of Penn’s department of anthropology from todied of respiratory failure Saturday, Oct.

The focus of the project is on remains from ca. An occasional publication of the Asia Section. Sabloff, University of Pennsylvania Museum This volume offers the best description and analysis of the nature of [Indus] civilization.


The Indus Civilization: A Contemporary Perspective –

Essays in honour of Professor B. Monographs in World Archaeology, A Penn announcement reported that the work had been named Outstanding Academic Book for by Choice magazine, which Penn described as “the key publication for academic librarians across the nation selecting books for collections.

Possehl is survived by a son, Michael; a daughter, Christine White; a brother; a sister; and three grandchildren. Journal of World Prehistory 11 4: The dean of North American Indus scholars, Gregory Possehl, attempts here to marshal the state of knowledge about this fascinating culture in a readable Audrey Geisel, widow and promoter of Dr. He passed away in October at the age of In, Robert Ehrich, ed.

Greg Possehl has authored numerous books and papers contributing to the understanding of the archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent. The University of Pennsylvania Museum. Essays on prehistorical and historical developments presented in honour of Beatric de Cardi.

The date gregiry the Surkotada cemetery: These are presented in the paper noted above in South Asian Archaeology Guide to excavated sites through The Middle Asian Interaction Sphere. Foreword by Gregory L.