I don’t see a great deal of comments on handywrite. I’m looking to learn a form of shorthand for note making (class and creative/journaling). Is it true that Handywrite is superior to Gregg in terms of being able to unambiguously represent regular text or speech in short form? thx. Has anyone tried Handywrite? It’s kinful to Gregg, with some added stuff. I like a few of the ideas, but some of the vowels seem kinda funky.

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Note that a short upward line can be used for the “au” sound in “out. Webmaster Privacy Policy Contact. Fun with phylogenetics Human Chow: The main problem is no serious person that has mastered the system and could do a real makeover to it. Teeline Shorthand Learn about this system of shorthand. Maybe now is the time For wisdom: Shorthand Shorthand Shorthand Advice about learning any shorthand system.

For those of you living in Canada, Happy Victoria Day. Theres really not much to say about it, its a very amateur rewrite of Gregg which would have serious speed barriers.

While I did list “r” with the consonants, I’m now giving you the straight dope. An English speaker learning Spanish might phonetically write the above as: The Rainy Day by Henry W.


The above international typeable version should be used along with a dictionary that uses the IPA system to help you make sense of phonetics. My thoughts, although I’ve never shrothand it, is that the features you’re looking for are probably not actually what you want. For practical purposes, “eh” or “e” is also the first vowel in “hair,” “care,” or “air” when followed by “r. You can hear the difference in “thin” and “then,” and between “thy” and “thigh.


Note that most words starting with “wh” are actually pronounced “hw” with a few exceptions like “who” which is just “h” plus “oo” without a “w” sound. Sorthand large circle in any direction would be “uh” in “but,” and a small circle in any direction would be used for the “ih” in “bit.

Here are abbreviations selected from the most common words listed in their order of frequency. Condensed version The Platform Sutra of Huineng: Handywriye, there is a way: If you look at the handywrite site, as far as I’ve been able handywritee find, the reason for the system is to get down all the sounds, and though the actual alphabet is faster to write than longhand, it’s still much more stroke intensive than Gregg — even maybe S90 Gregg.

I’m working on Teeline now and shorthannd far it’s alright but I’ve really only just started. Ah, so that’s why I speak Spanish with such a thick accent! Punctuation is the same as in longhand although you may want to use different symbols for the dash and hyphen if you want to reserve N and M for abbreviations.

While the IPA may seem confusing, the other pronunciation guides used by shorthanr dictionaries are confusing. The other thing about abbreviations and phrasing is that they usually make a ton of sense which makes them really easy to remember.

Handywrite Lessons Part 2: An alternative handwriting system.

A brief history Shorthanf Tucson: Images up to megapixels allow for fine printing at the largest sizes. Newer Post Older Post Home. Visible Speech Bell’s Visible Speech. Jonny C May 10, at 8: Teeline Shorthand Learn about this system of shorthand. Bokeh Designs March 17, at 5: Since capitals are not spoken, they are not used in phonetic writing.


If you’re looking for speed, go with one of the handywrife court reporting versions. If you find that distinguishing between clockwise and counter clockwise circles is too confusing, you could eliminate the distinction at the cost of using two-stroke symbols to stand for single sounds.

A little known or acknowledged fact: Creating the material, such as by transcribing famous quotes or poems into Handywrite will help one and all.

Opinions on Handywrite? : shorthand

There are two TH sounds although the distinction is rarely important. Keyscript Learn a bit about this relatively new syorthand shorthand.

Keyscript Learn a bit about this relatively new alphabetic shorthand. Don’t have a clue what the speed potential of handywrite is, but my guess would be: It doesn’t look very good to me and I bet it isn’t too fast, though I couldn’t tell since I never was too fast anyway.

Handywrite Lessons 8-10

Handywrite Flashcards Study Handywrite flashcards. Some admit only that it’s a semivowel, but I prefer to say the emperor has no clothes and claim it’s a vowel. I don’t know gregg but I guess I’d still have to recommend it like everyone else. In fact, you really can just pretty much remove almost all the vowels from english and 9 times out of 10 hsorthand will still be able to read it.

Forward and downward curves of opposite direction and median length represent the sounds of H as in “hate” and W as in “wait”. Webmaster Privacy Policy Contact.