Heir to Sevenwaters is the fourth book of the Sevenwaters series. The heroine is Clodagh, the third (or second) daughter of Lord Sean and Lady Aisling. Her father, Lord Sean of Sevenwaters, faces his own difficulties as warring factions threaten his borders. When Aisling gives birth to a son—a new heir to. Heir to Sevenwaters is the first spin-off of The Sevenwaters Trilogy, written by Juliet Marillier. Clodagh, one of the six daughters of Lord Sean of .

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The lore is a fantastic accompaniment with the strong and unwavering underlining theme that love really does, so far, conquer all.

Though he seems lovely and I can imagine a happy ending for them, I just wish that Clodagh had more gumption!! I literally forced myself to stay up reading late into the night, before I collapsed with exhaustion. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

But author Juliet Marillier created such an evocative landscape with such interesting characters that readers were clamoring for more.

Heir to Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters, #4) by Juliet Marillier

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. There are spelling and word choice errors that jar the reader out of the story at some rather inopportune moments if I ever hear the word “uncanny” again, it’ll be too soon. Sibeal’s comment I think really sums it up quite well: I could say a lot more about this book, but I won’t because it’s rather late and I’m at the point of collapsing from exhaustion, as I mentioned above. Which, I suppose, it the basic thing an author wants for a read Beware, readers, for spoilers lie ahead.

Heir to Sevenwaters is the perfect introduction to a new era of Sevenwaters. Clodagh is not a healer, or a seer, touched by magic, or possessed of any special ability.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I also liked that it followed only 4 years after book 3 instead of an entire generation later, which is the precedent set in the other books. However, once Clodagh was removed from her home center she became bland. What do you think the most important factor is for making sequels accessible in this way? Knowing the family history and all the trials and tragedy it contains only adds to the story.


Our customer reviews If you like The Sevenwaters books you will love this one as well. Because her mother is pregnant and her twin sister will marry soon, Clod Daughters of Sevenwaters Sevenwaters Couples I love this books so much that I really want them each to have a movie! Sorcha saved her brothers from the curse of a wicked sorceress, despite the toll it took on her; Liadan had the courage although balls might be a better word to make her own path in life and break the pattern set by the Fair Folk, and essentially was the reason Child of the Prophecy took place; and Fainne both initially aided her wicked grandmother and helped destroy her– she found the strength to right the wrongs of both her ancestor and herself.

The book stands out to me because of the beautiful, even writing and because of the likability of its two main characters. I also like that she “casually” includes several hints to the continuation of the series. So much so that I am writing this.

Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier

Although she is known go the daughter whose sole skill lies in her household duties, as Sevenwaters sinks into chaos, both of a political and emotional nature, Clodagh manages to hold her own and stay strong for her family, remaining a constant rock of support for them. I think I learn most by reading great novels, those that combine hwir craft with good storytelling. When I think back on books I have loved, Sorcha sticks out at me as a memorable character.

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In that regard, she is typical of the female hero. He wasn’t as great a friend as he could’ve been, but oh well. Check out the top swvenwaters of the year on our page Best Books of I find them so emotional, and each time i feel something for one of them I’m reminded of just how realistic her characters are. Ultimately, Sevenwwaters to Sevenwaters is the type of fairytale I’d have wanted to hear as a young child; one where a mere Cinderella-esque housewife transforms into a woman who can fend for herself, save the future of her family, and rescue her own prince too.

You see this dive in Irish mythology is done in such a good way that it reveals that it is a product of study rather than merely the result of sevenwxters superficial approach to the subject. Nevertheless, as the story progresses, we begin to peel back the layers Cathal so carefully hides under and discover the heart of the man underneath. Yet another breathtaking narrative – Juliet knows helr to keep us clinging to the stories that she so skillfully imagines and writes.


Heir to Sevenwaters

eevenwaters The book made me cry especially when Mac Dara made Cathal walk in when Clodagh screamed. Book ratings by Sevensaters. Your most recent book, Heir to Sevenwaters, takes place in the world of Sevenwaters.

Once I read a story, I tend to remember them. I can’t wait to see where the next one takes it all. I would recommend this to diehard fans of Sevenwaters, but I myself will not be reading it again.

But it seems I was wrong. I just thought that Marillier was above creating a character just for the sake of a love triangle. Zevenwaters reclaim her newborn brother, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there? Until the spring when Lady Aisling of Sevenwaters finds herself expecting another child? Anyway, the only thing that was weird was that Johnny turned out to be gay, tto it does tie up heur ends rather neatly with the whole heir thing and I was very glad the whole gay thing was just a passing comment and not in any way part of the story.

Marillier again manages to weave a story that makes you forget about everything going on around you while reading. Human and Otherworld dwellers have existed there side by side, separated by a thin veil between worlds and sharing a wary trust. All of her tales show immense strength of the hero’s and heroines, and this one is wonderful.

Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. I’d unfasten her clothing and lie with her on that hard bed, and what was between us would be as far above the ordinary congress between man and woman as the stars are above their pale reflections in the lake below.