geologia regionalna polski pdf chomikuj. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for geologia regionalna polski pdf chomikuj. Will be grateful. m below the ground level (Hydrogeologia regionalna Polski, vol. II, PGI Hydrogeologia regionalna Polski tom II, PIG-PIB Warszawa Wróć do. A. Różkowski, Zapadlisko górnośląskie, In. B. Paczyński, A. Sadurski, Hydrogeologia regionalna Polski tom II. Wody mineralne, lecznicze i termalne oraz.

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Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis, Hydrogeologia, The maximum depth of freshwater aquifer occurrence in Poland is estimated at approx.

Biblioteka Cyfrowa / Digital Library

Drilling operations may potentially contaminate the aquifers as a result of:. Groundwater renewability in light of selected data and collated figures in Polish with English summary.

Thermal waters occur at a depth of approx. Potential groundwater contamination risks from reservoir stimulation are associated with:.

Acta Hydeogeologia Lodziensia, Groundwater recharge in Schleswig-Holstein West-Germany. The Scientific World Regionapna, General Directorate for Environmental Protection made available online the English versions of the reports on the results of environmental studies delivered at shale gas exploration in Poland. This website uses cookies. Bureau of Rural Sciences, Australia. The depth to gas-bearing shale rocks helps to eliminate the risk of groundwater contamination.


geologia regionalna polski pdf chomikuj

Groundwater resources of the Republic of Ireland. Most of them are answered in this section.

Groundwater recharge evaluation based on the infiltration method. Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej, Warszawa. In order to evaluate these outcomes and their distribution, the authors have decided to verify different approaches and select the infiltration coefficient by comparison. Atlas hydrogeologiczny Polski, 1: Groundwater recharge – results of modeling research in Polish with English summary.

Shale gas exploration/production and the groundwater

Groundwater recharge in the Tylicz Region in Polish with English summary. At this stage the risk can be mitigated by: Mezoregiony fizyczno-geograficzne in Polish.

If not delivered properly, well abandonment operations may involve: Drilling stage Gas-bearing shales occur In Poland at depths ranging from 3 to 5 km, in areas of different geology and hydrogeological conditions. Groundwater monitoring in the border area of the Sudetes in Gas-bearing shales occur In Poland at depths ranging from 3 to 5 km, in areas of different geology and hydrogeological conditions.

Gas may be produced for several decades from several tens of horizontal wells drilled out from a single site. This makes it possible to design and construct a well that is safe to the groundwater Fig. Normally, the range of hydraulically induced fractures is approx. Due to the depth of gas-bearing shale occurrence, drilling wells have to pass through local aquifers that frequently are the only source of water supply to the local residents.


u Hydraulic fracturing is a technical procedure which establishes a network of induced fractures in the shale formation. Oil and gas exploration and production operations give rise to a number of questions on groundwater use and protection capabilities.

Groundwater recharge estimation in Kashubian Lake District different scale studies, comparison of methods in Polish with English summary.

geologia regionalna polski pdf chomikuj – PDF Files

The estimated groundwater recharge value was verified referring to groundwater runoff from 37 river basins with known discharge rates in the years — The position of fresh groundwater in country’s resources management. Hydraulic fracturing companies use different chemicals in the process. The obtained value is close to the average multi-year value of the groundwater runoff.