Tutorial: Basic introduction to HyperWorks Student Edition. Theory 3D: When to use 3-D Elements, DOFs for Solid Elements, Quality Checks for 3-D. Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Results. Filter by: Product. Altair. All Altair Products Activate AcuSolve. Automated Reporting Director Collaboration and. Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor process by eliminating the need to perform manual geometry cleanup and meshing. . over 10 million property records spanning in excess of , materials. Overview.

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Warpage of up to five degrees is generally acceptable. To optimize and ensure feasibility of their design, they applied topology optimization methods using Altair HyperWorks, a software suite for computer-aided engineering, and worked with Altair Engineering to integrate advanced optimization techniques into their workflow Read More Share: Turn on the display for the component, shells.

Click return to accept the mesh and go back to the main menu. This surface is updated as you make changes to the targets. The model is then prepared for the analysis with information the solver will need to perform its calculations.

The results generated by this tool can be broken down into the following categories: Each line will become suppressed blue as you click line s. The offset is interpolated in between the assigned targets.

The colors exhibited in the sliding scale reflect the quality of each element in the graphics area. The Model View is a powerful tool for controlling the visualization of the model. Altair Inspire Form Brochure Altair Inspire Form brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this powerful form simulation solution. To improve the overall Tetrahedral Element quality we will check the tet collapse value of the elements.


This will guarantee all edge fillets are selected. However, Jacobian values of 0.

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From the plate type drop-down menu, select a new plate type based on the geometry. Currently, only surfaces and 2D elements are supported in the Comparison tool.

To meet the challenges of the automotive industry, they need to employ optimization to decrease vehicle weight while maintaining proper strength. To find out the maximum value that can be safely used for tolerance without collapsing the elements, press the F10 key to go to the check elems hypwrmesh, go to 2-d subpanel and click length. SimLab Process oriented, feature-based finite element modeling software that allows to quickly and accurately generate FE models from complex CAD assemblies.

That needs to be corrected. Hypermesn circle is generated through the three corner points of the actual triangle. In the graphics area, click any surface. These are locations that probably have missing surfaces. This saves lots of time and gets users to run analyses quicker.

It is not necessary that your nodes be identical to the image, just similar.

Tools These mesh editing tools can be found as follows: Remove the fixed point interior to all surfaces. Finally, the quick tetra mesh creates a tetra mesh that maintains user specified quality requirements, but may sacrifice details in the shape of the part to do so. Altair Inspire Extrude Polymer Brochure This brochure highlights the features, benefits and the steps that are involved in the polymer extrusion simulation under Altair Inspire Extrude.


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Only a fully enclosed volume can be properly tetrameshed, so we need to fix the model. While this manual cannot explain the functionality of every panel, much of the panel functionality is common amongst all of the panels and thus learning one panel will assist the user in the use of all panels.

The blue focus square will automatically move to N2. The benefits included reduced material usage, reduced manufacturing and transportation costs and improved competitiveness for Thesan. Geometry Area of missing surfaces 6. If these are not areas of high stress and the results in this area are not of interest, then it is acceptable. Within this panel the user sets the desired element size and type, chooses options for flowing and mapping and then is provided with a preview mesh.

Creates surfaces by filling in gaps, such as a hole in an existing surface. On a curve without a T-connection like on the right side on the picture it does not apply.

HyperMesh has many different types of collectors: