Find learning strategies to answer CAPM & PMP ITTO questions without Use Data Flow Diagrams described in the PMBOK Guide to understand process and. PMI wants to test whether we have internalized the processes and what it takes to That is to understand the Data Flow Diagram of every process. During the exam I realized that our knowledge of ITTO is tested in a way that if you have. ‘TRICK SHEET’ on Project Management ITTO’s (Input, Tool & Techniques, Output ) Compiled by Abdulla PMI-ACP, SCT, . Project schedule network diagrams 2.

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This site rocks the Thesis Classic Skin for Thesis. As I thought through more, it made sense to me. An everyday simple example of this type of system with outputs from one process becoming an input to another is baking a cake, which is made up of three processes:. However, the majority of ITTO show up over and over — this is discussed in more detail below.

PMP – ITTO BrainDump (Rana’s Chart) – Hack

All you need is to become fluent in these commonly used ITTOs. I am writing on Dec 28th.

Your e-mail address will never be displayed on the site. Get help from the community! I tried to be the teacher, not the student.

We Respect Your Privacy. Dashboards are an example of a simple report. Chsrt approach was to understand the logical flow of inputs and outputs, linking them accordingly, and absolutely NO memorizing required. William Zinsser, in his excellent book Writing to Learn, discusses how writing about a field of knowledge is the best way to immerse oneself it a subject, identify and understand not just the key points but the supporting details, and is a path to “owning” the subject.

The Work Performance Information is the output of controlling charh and gives your stakeholders a status of project deliverable s, like if the project meets the quality standards and how the project is performing against cost and schedule estimates. Study and learn what each ITTO is and learn why you need chrt in each process.


The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)

The output of any process becomes the input to the next process in the logical order. Status reports inform stakeholders about where the project is today in regard to project schedule and budget. Therefore, in addition to text, they have included a series of figures and tables as aids to clarify processes and illustrate ITTO interrelationships. Additionally, your return on this investment of effort compounds with time — the same way that a house appreciates in value — being well prepared and passing the PMP exam increase your market value.

I signed upbut I joined PMI as a member first to save a few dollars. You’re not imagining things, the majority of ITTO also show up as part of the vocabulary you need to be fluent in to pass the PMP exam. You probably noticed that I placed emphasis on two statement above. Watch a video each day, dhart learn important concepts in easy, bite sized pieces.

For my study I was trying out different means of doing so, including mnemonics, mind maps and so on — till I realized that it is a futile exercise. Nasiiiiim Offline Fresh Boarder Posts: Learn the material, and then learn how to take the exam. I did so after a lot of study 4 hours a day for 2. EEF are factors which are outside the control of Project Team, and these are surrounded around your project. If you’re a visual learner, the Table of Contents will simplify your study process, as it includes 11 pages of “List of Tables and Figures” that identifies each and every table and figure and on what page it is found.

I took notes, highlighted key areas and did further research on concepts that I did not understand. Did you like this post on ITTOs? Work performance Information is termed as progress report. During meeting with your stakeholders, you take their opinion and produce the scope and requirement management plan and serve the output of developing scope management plan.

  6ES5 316-8MA12 PDF

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At the beginning of each Knowledge Area chapter is a figure that illustrates its processes including a summary of inputs, tools and techniques and outputs.

Chary are the components of a process and understanding of these processes gives you a solid foundation for executing your project.

Click “End” when I was done with the exam. Denise Hicks June 2,2: What is Project Management? Correct chat is B — second choice Q2: Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. Finally, to understand how a house is built, it is more important to know and understand the interrelationships and sequencing of construction activities than it is fixating on variable details, such as out how many nails may be needed — the same is true itro processes and this Complete Guide will show you why.

You will be able to deduce it quite easily once you do a couple of rounds of study.

Knowing PMP® ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) – PMBOK® Sixth Edition

If you attend any PMP Trainingor buy a good Exam Prep Bookyou can understand how the different processes interact with each other. Each process is also illustrated as a data flow diagram presenting the relationships between Inputs needed to execute it as well as how the Output s of the process are used as Inputs for other processes.

Yes, you need to remember them for vhart few processes to be exact, but not all.