The Body has ratings and 29 reviews. Elizabeth said: Carl told me I’d love this, that it was the perfect time for me to read it. And I did, and it wa. Jenny Boully (born ) is the author of The Book of Beginnings and Endings ( Sarabande Books, ), The Body: An Essay and [one love affair]* (Tarpaulin. The primary text is dead and gone and the subterranean text is full of dead authors: Jenny Boully’s notes collect fragments from literary and.

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And I did, and it was, though I don’t know that I fully understood or absorbed all of it. The reader gets no evidence of the main character of this book except through the speaker in the footnotes.

But the daydream is mostly folly; Boully is not concerned with what the text might be doing, but what it is doing. Aug 29, Kelly rated it it was amazing Shelves: These details’ relationships grow and change, producing a plot more intricate and emotionally engaging than any actions performed by characters could, which is why she’s wise for composing the book entirely of footnotes.

The Body by Jenny Boully

Slowly, the reader notices thematic connections and the shadow of a narrative jennyy. Or in this marvelously surreal annotation to footnote no. Jul 27, Michelle rated it it was amazing. This story is one that cannot be understood fully, I believe, with one reading alone. AN ESSAY is a meditation on absence, loss and disappearance that offers a guarded “narrative” of what may or may not be a love letter, a dream, a spiritual autobiography, a memoir, a scholarly digression, a treatise For better what a challenge!

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Mar 23, Evan rated it really liked it. There is also exactly one blank page with no footnotes or text whatsoever, and exactly one blank footnote — these moves felt requisite instead of earned, and smacked of gimmick, as did this footnote, no.

Elitist and pretentious without being enjoyable. From Poe to the Present, and other places.

In the morning, the doves cooed their fuck-yous. The text certainly could use another read through, but at this point I can say that yes, I do miss something that’s not there. Oct 14, Martin rated it really liked it.

Let it exist this way, concealed; let me always be embarrassed, knowing that you know that I know but pretend not to know. There are no discussion topics on this boullyy yet.

gas: The Body: An Essay by Jenny Boully

Noticed that no footnotes bleed across to another page. From Poe to the Present. These flaws are those of a young writer in thrall to her own experimentation.

Comparing it to Thalia Field’s Point and LineGreenberg praised The Body as “an invigorating new approach to the idea of a textof fictionof essayof poetry collection,” signaling a “courageous and thoughtful new voice in literature. In the cathedral, the font was never so wanton, yet it liked that dipping of fingers again and again, and the candles were so whorish in their sharing of flames. Nov 16, Matt rated it it was amazing. It is written, as I mentioned, through footnotes lacking the text in which those footnotes respond to.

In correlation with what R. AN ESSAY continues to challenge conventional notions of plot and narrative, genre and form, theory and practice, unremittingly questioning the presumptive boundaries between reflection, imagination, and experience.


The language was all very beautiful and as poems, these footnotes are wonderful little fragments that can spark a lot of interesting thoughts and will inspire some of my own writing. An Essay continues to challenge conventional notions of plot and narrative, genre and form, theory and practice, unremittingly questioning the presumptive boundaries between reflection, imagination, and experience. For me, this was the direct theme of the entire text. And maybe it was there the entire time, that thread.

Jacket 19 – Arielle Greenberg reviews The Body, by Jenny Boully

I’m also a sucker for any work that’s dually about language and the inadequacies of language at the same time. Views Read Edit View history. I found a lot of it really enjoyable to read, but I can’t say I walked away from it understanding what she wanted to say. I love the cryptic notes the last owner made in the bouply It’s poetry and autobiography and essay and confessional and reference material. Maybe you could spread these concepts out and give them more individual depth.

Over the fire escape, the dress fluttered in the misdirected wind. Born in Thailand, she was reared in Texas by boy who farm and fish. Sep 13, Heather rated it liked it. Learn more about the author here. Certainly that this is pushing genre boundaries to their breaking point: I started this at 1: But tthe footnote to life.