John Alexander Dowie (), faith healer, was born on 25 May in Edinburgh, son of John Dowie, breechesmaker, and his wife Ann Macfarlan. John Alexander Dowie, (born May 25, , Edinburgh—died March 9, , City of Zion, Ill., U.S.), U.S. evangelist and faith healer who founded the Christian . Truth in History, JOHN ALEXANDER DOWIE Though “he being dead yet speaketh” On May 24, Dowie was born into the home of highly educated and.

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Gospel Publishing House, In he established the City of Zion on the shore of Lake Michiganabout 40 miles north of Chicago, with about 5, of his followers. The bone decayed and mortification set in.

She was instantly healed and lived for many years. He then returned to Australia and was ordained pastor of a Congregational church at Alma, South Australia near Hamley Bridgein Illinois, constituent state of the United States of America. I looked at her and then my anger burned, “Oh,” I thought, “For some sharp sword of heavenly temper keen to slay this cruel foe, who is strangling that lovely maiden like an invisible serpent, tightening his deadly coils for a final victory.

He began to publish a journal called “Leaves of Healing”, which went to thousands of people, promoting the divine healing message.

As a forerunner of what God has prepared for His people in the next generation, He always sends a messenger “to make ready a people prepared for the Lord” Luke 1: Not far from St.

The Saxons are Isaac’s sons. His ministry attracted many ministers and evangelists who were personally or whose family members were healed or blessed and later became very prominent in the Divine Healing ministries throughout the first half of the twentieth century.


Did you ever meet him? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The list also includes such men of God as Fred Vogler and J. It was at this time that rumors of his polygamous teaching and activities, use of alcohol, and extravagant lifestyle began to gain currency, not only in the world, but also within the Church.

And oh, what aching voids were left in many a widowed, orphaned heart. Cylinder Recordings of J. He was well accepted by the common people as his public meetings were well attended. Property values and income plummeted when the Church collapsed, but municipal finances were kept robust through fines generated at the city line by a vigorous policing alexanxer unsuspecting motorists for offenses such as use of makeup, carrying liquor, smoking, and whistling on Sundays.

Biographh were healed dramatically. Truly, the present day and American republic are most inauspicious as a time and place for the development of prophets! At the close of the morning service, some go to Zion boarding houses in the vicinity while others gather in the refectory in the basement of the Tabernacle.

He suffered a stroke in September following several major confrontations with his critics in New York and Australia where his attacks on the vices of the reigning British Monarch gained international press attention.

She had five cancers. According to one commentator, ‘there was a biogrraphy in him whose tremors were felt at the ends of the earth.

John Alexander Dowie

He began conducting services in his spacious Zion Tabernacle in Chicago bioggraphy in organized the Christian Catholic Church. Whether he was mentally unbalanced or a cunning charlatan remains an open question. Joyce seems to stress this “Americanness,” perhaps as part of his presentation of the country as a chaotic place where “those things were continually happening” His sermons were often printed in the Toronto Evening News. By the end ofconstruction was well underway and plans were materializing toward the development of Zion City.


Upon his return to his home base in Illinois, Dr.

Life & Ministry of John Alexander Dowie – Truth in History

It is biograpy in this column to give an outline even of that work, but suffice it to say, that he removed to Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, Australia, inand continued his ministry there untilhaving established a large church, and built a tabernacle, and founded the International Divine Healing Biograpby. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered.

He visited New York and took a European tour in Put into receivership, Zion City remained a theocracy until under a new General Overseer, the Rev.

Now with a following of some approximately 6, he sought land north of Chicago and bought up a large amount of real estate secretly. In the Spring of he accepted the pastorate of the Congregational Church in Alma. Retrieved 1 December Dowie before thousands of church attendees and published in his Leaves of Healing magazine.

But the very architecture of the temple we have just passed illustrates the vast interval that separates the two. Evangelist Barnes was one of the many ministerial supporters of Dr.