Kalzip liner deck roof system. Kalzip liner-deck roof systems are predominantly used for new build construction where purlin centres are greater than normal. Kalzip’s aluminium standing seam system was specified for the impressive new all the revolutionary double curvature XT profiled sheets and a bespoke Kalzip. Over sqm of Kalzip’s aluminium standing seam roofing system, including sqm of revolutionary Kalzip XT profile and smooth curved.

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Care has kalzil taken to ensure that thisinformation is accurate, but Corus Group Limited, and its subsidiaries, does not accept responsibility or liability for errors or information which is found to be misleading. Xos Carlos Rodriguez From the discreet to the elaborate,combining sophisticated elegance withcontemporary design, Kalzip standingseam can meet the most demanding architectural requirements through the successful combination of outstandingfunctionality and stunning aesthetics.

Open the catalog to page 2. Extremely tight radii ensure thecladding of unusual building designs. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. The outer wall of the skating track features Kalzip 65 perforated and tapered sheets. All the Kalzip sheets were manufactured on-site using state-of-the-art mobile roll-forming technology. Catalog excerpts Malleable, pliable, foldable and flexibleKalzip XT profiled sheets make it possibleto transform computer generated designs and structural principles into reality.

The defining feature of the grey and white building is its transparent crystalline surface. A shadow gap has been cleverly employed at ridge level where the double zt roof butts up to the mono-pitched inner-facing canopy comprising straight and tapered Kalzip sheets. Tata Steel subsidiary Kalzip, the leading manufacturer of tailored metal building envelopes, was involved in the complex designs of two of the six arenas built at the Olympic Park — the Bolshoy Ice Dome and the Adler Skating Arena — as well as of the swan-neck construction of the Olympic flame on the Medals Plaza, delivering aluminium-profile panels kqlzip the iconic sporting event.


Numerous patents and utility models areclear evidence of the unique features and Malleable, pliable, foldable and flexibleKalzip XT profiled sheets make it possibleto transform computer generated designs and structural principles into reality. Scottish Government to launch consultation on cash retentions December, Its outer skin is made from composite panels pierced by LED lights to give it the changing colours of a chameleon.

The multi-purpose arena, which seats 12, is one of the most spectacular projects of lalzip Sochi Winter Olympics. Home Reports have worked well, but surveyors must be open to opportunities for improvement December, This central plaza, the circular architecture of which opens onto the six sporting venues, is the location for the medal ceremonies for medal winners at the Olympic Games. Revolutionary in its field, this computercontrolled roll forming technology allows3 dimensional contouring to be combinedwith a standing seam system to achieve technical perfection in the creation of freeflowing shapes.

Bright future for Liverpool as new learning centre lights the way. The sports complexes are in the Olympic Park on the Imeretinskaya lowland, surrounded by magnificent panoramas — the Caucasus Kalzp on the one side and the Black Sea on the other.

Olympic Flame The third project, the swan-neck construction on the circular Medals Plaza, soars 46 metres into the air.

Transport projects show Kalzip is streets ahead

Building Design Partnership Main Contractor: The roof of the starting point and other parts of the run are clad with 4,m2 of Kalzip 65 tapered and profiled sheets. A total of 11,m2 of Kalzip aluminium profiled sheets were used in its construction.

The amalgamation of shapes with theintroduction of colour and the designflexibility of these highly dramatic,revolutionary profiles, allows the creation of stunning, futuristic architectural concepts. The same applies to the copper-coloured aluminium planking used for the soffits and all the complex aluminium flashings and fabrications powder-coated to RAL that were designed and manufactured by Kalzip using the latest 3D CAD techniques.


Kalzip XT solution for Newport Station

This website uses cookies. The design is complicated: Planned by MC Mortovik, the sophisticated building envelope of this domed structure was realised using a total of 22,m2 of Kalzip aluminium tapered and profiled sheets.

Rising from the highest point of this monument is kalaip Olympic flame. Kalzip proved kalzzip us at an early stage that its system was able to accommodate the complex geometry required to achieve the smooth, double curvature roof desired for this landmark building.

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The Kalzip-covered main terminal building and its adjoining footbridge link neatly to the nearby railway station to create a convenient new integrated public transport interchange for the area.

The outer skin is made up of composite plates in RALwhich are fixed to the seams of the Kalzip profiled sheets using non-penetrating flange clamps. From the inside, this gives spectators an unobstructed view of the Olympic Park. Collaboration is key to boosting efficiency, innovation and profit December, This aspect is particularly apparent where the wave-like eaves of the canopy rise and fall to indicate the entrances and passenger facilities. Find out more by reading our privacy policy.

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| Tata Steel in Europe

Bolshoy Ice Dome The second complex is the Bolshoy Ice Dome, the design of which was inspired by a frozen drop of water. Horizontal and vertical profiledsheets in convex and concave shapes. A key feature of the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi in Russia has been the brand new sporting stadiums covering ,m2 that have housed many of the main events.