Katakolon was one of the highlights of our Mediterranean cruise last October. so we decided to take the Katakolon Fun Tourist Train and explore further . experience and travel as you wish, not as your tour guides suggest. Europe; Greece; West Greece; Elis Region; Olympia; Olympia Travel Forum . To review the TripAdvisor Forums Posting Guidelines, please follow this link. Katakolon Taxi: Private tour guide for Katakolon and Olympia – See We had the pleasure of being with Andrew during a day trip from NCL (Cruise).

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Katakolon | World Travel Guide

Unfortunately most of the people you will be watching are the same people you see on the ship. The nun was really sweet, she talked very good English and gave us lots of historical informations and offered us fresh water and some local candies.

Also be sure travdl look in the splendid Archaeological Museum of Olympia, displaying marble statues from the Temple of Zeus. From cruise ship to Olympia by a great company! There kahakolon not many reasons for a tourist to go to Pyrgos. Dear Natalia, Thank you so much for your kind words! The chance to get the most impressive picture of the most important sightseeings of our area with one of most luxurious Mercedes vehicle.

Comments Every place in Greece is incredible, Dana! Hotels travelers are raving about I asked kxtakolon if they told her anything about Katakolon, was there anything in the cruise brochure or on the cruise website, but she knew as much about Katakolon as she did about the other stops, which was pretty much nothing.

This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. The beach is a bit rocky when you first enter the water, but if you go a little further away you can have a wonderful swim. Agios Kattakolon is a lovely little beach and beautiful bay, located in a tinny village with the same name. By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Katakolon is a port-village on the south-western part of Greece and it is located 35Km west of Ancient Olympia.

Then we went to St.

Getting From Katakolon to Olympia Greece, Travel Tips with Kids

Upon our arrival to Katakolon early in the morning we found our way to the small seaside town, where a horde of travel agents was katakolln the cruise passengers with information about all kinds of tourist excursions and programs available from Katakolon.


You can get a taxi for about ten euros though most taxis in Katakolon would rather take you somewhere they can make a lot more than ten euros. Apparently people come from all over to shop in the boutiques, shoe stores and haberdasheries of Pyrgos where they can find the latest styles from Paris and Rome and wherever styles come from. Just like today, the event was held every four years, though only free male Greek citizens could compete. Maybe they just like surprises. Thanks to Nancy and Andrew for a well thought out day while visiting Katakolon.

What is it like when thousands of tourists descend on this little port all at once looking for souvlakia or taxis to Olympia? The small but important port of Katakolon is a gudie stop of cruise ships and liners which ply the travrl of the Mediterranean coasts and the Ionian travle Aegean seas.

All rights reserved So hypothetically you have two groups of people at each end of the train line but no train that katakoolon enable them to exchange places.

It took quite a bit of time for our guide to say trave, twice. Thanks for your comment Hollie. Excursions from Katakolon Port.

Prompt, courteous, saw all of the sights and stayed a step ahead of the big cruise buses, key for a hot day. The famous Katakkolon castle just 45min from Katakolon. This museum comes highly recommended by those who have visited it, especially those people who love machines.

How long does the train take it sounds great will be there in April on a cruise. Katakolon is the second most busy cruise port of Greece, after Piraeus port, according to recent statistics. We would appreciate any suggestions you might have and I anxiously await your response.

How to spend a perfect day in Katakolon, Greece

katakkolon What it did not have was customers so I could not see if it was actually powered by the pedals or it was just a sophisticated exercise machine that enabled tourists to not put on weight while drinking beer. We are on a cruise stopping their but weave had enough of ruins so i was looking for something different and you convinced me.

Katakolon Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is a small museum situated next to the train station at the entrance of Katakolon town.


Katakolon port is also a starting point in order to discover the surrounding area such as Kourouta beach resort, Mercouri winery, Kaifas beach and lake, Pyrgos capital city of the region and other nearby beaches such as Agios Andreas, Levendochori etc. Thank kattakolon once more, and hope seeing you again in Katakolo.

But Pyrgos is known as the clothes shopping capital of the Peloponessos. Katakolon was definitely one of the highlights of our one-week Mediterranean cruise.

Or perhaps they were embarrassed to be seen with a boot wearing, stadium racing, race losing mom. Nancy was exceptionally knowledgeable of the area of Katakalon, Olympia, and the areas in between. Wish we have the opportunity to give you many hugs Greek ones and ouzo for your nice gesture and your kind words for us!

However the train does continue to go back and forth between Olympia and Pyrgos until around 2 pm when it stops going anywhere.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I doubt that was even legal, especially given the speed we were driving, but it certainly made for a fun, although not so safe, experience. We are on the emerald princess and have so far been very dissappointed with our tours and have found we enjoy taking a taxi and paying a third the cost and its so much more relaxing.

Was the train easy to find? If you are on a cruise ship and it is on the itinerary and you have no interest in seeing Ancient Olympia it is a wonderful place to sit, eat, drink and people watch. Taxi Private Tours from Katakolon to Olympia and other surrounding areas. You had an amazing experience and I would also like to visit this spot!

The ruins are well worth it to see and the town itself also has some tavernas and cafes to relax afterwards. We visited the fantastic Greek ruins of the old town, then Fortis brought us, driving through olive trees and beautiful country landscapes, to an old Orthodox nunnery, and the athmosphere was really touching.

It is the current harbor of the regions capital city Pyrgos.