Ratifikohet “Konventa Evropiane “Për shtetësinë”” Shtetet Anëtarë te Këshillit te Europës dhe shtetet e tjera nënshkrues te kësaj Konvente, siç parashikohet ne nenin 8 te Konventës për mbrojtjen e te drejtave te njeriut dhe lirive themelore;. ndërlidhja e të gjitha të drejtave dhe lirive themelore të njeriut dhe nevojës së personave me aftësi të kufizuar për t’i garantuar ato pa diskriminim,. (d). 1 2. Te drejtat e njeriut. Donart Geci. RRETH VETURAVE NE KOSOVE. Marjan Dodaj. Të drejtat dhe liritë themelore të njeriut dhe. kulla

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Library | Qendra për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të Fëmijëve në Shqipëri

Restorative Justice for women and young girls who have been victims of violence. The Sending Countries Romania Report. Children affected by war circumstances, post-war rehabilitation future perspectives. Proposal for a conceptual and methodological approach drejtav the issue of child and adolescent labour. Paths of education to children human rights,participatory democracy and active citizenship.

Right Angle a Resource for adults working with young people on global rights issues. Pakete me Rekomandime te keshillit te Europea ne Lidje me administrimin drejtavw drejtesise restauruese.

Regional Monitoring of child and Family Well Being: Strengthening families of children with disabilities to prevent maltreatment. Positive Discipline in the Inclusive Learning ,onventa guide for teachers and teacher education. Practical Guidelines on how to prevent corruption on local government and social settings.


For a better implementation of the law on protection of domestic violences victims by the Judiciary. Promoting and Protecting the Right of the Girl child to be free from Violence.

Reports and Manuals

Reforming Child Law in South Africa: A CD Rom with examples of good practice and violations from around the world. Falling between vrejtave Guidelines The problem of displaced children in Colombia. A joint study by the southeast europe initiative of one world international and the information program of the open society institute.

The needs for a child protection and childrens rights focus in identifying children who have been sexually abused for the production of child abuse images. International Standards on violence against the family and there implementation in the Western Balkans.

Gay Clergy Crisis, Gays in Football.

Viewing of the World a study of British television coverage of developing countries. The example of Victoria, Australia. Responding to Child Trafficking An introductory handbook to child rights based interventions drawn from Save the Children’s experience in Southeast Europe. Reports submitted by states parties under article 9 of the convention Albania.

United Evopiane Rules for the protection of Juveniles deprived of their liberty.


How to make healthier your organisation. Guide Orientuese e Sherbimeve per Personat me Aftesi te Sherbimeve per personat me afesi te kufizuar mendore dhe probleme te shendetit mendor ne Shqiperi. Integrated project responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society. Standartet nderkombetare ne lidhje me dhunen ne familje dhe zbatimi I tyre ne vendet e Ballkanit Perendimor.

Integration of the human rights of women and the gender perspective Violence against women. Tourism and the commercial sexual exploitation of children inb jamaica and Dominican Republic.

Reports and Manuals | International Organization for Migration

Studim Monitorimi I evrpoiane te gjykatave te rretheve qjyqesore Tirane, Shkoder deh Vlore, per vititne ceshtjet qe lidhen me konvennta e qenieve njerezore.

It was agreed that written comments on the baseline study would be submitted by 10 th April Liber udheximesh per personelin e burgut training manual for prison workers.

European Strategic approach for making pregnancy safer: A report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in England. Sistemi Penitenciar ne Shqiperi dhe roli Shoqerise Civile ne permiresimin e tij.